The Gurdjieff Club of Prague is a group of people interested in both the theory and practice of the self-realisation method of the Fourth Way which is based on the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff and his followers.

The Gurdjieff Club of Prague aims at an authentic presentation of Gurdjieff's teachings:

  • making basic ideas and texts related to the Fourth Way accessible to the Czech audience
  • organising seminars of Gurdjieff Movements/Dances led by qualified Fourth Way teachers for those interested in learning more about the principles of the Fourth Way. Latest information here
  • facilitating intensive Work on oneself in the context of regular weekly meetings
  • establishing contact with Forth Way groups and centres abroad

Why do we need a group, a club? Instead of an answer, here an Eastern metaphor used by Gurdjieff and Ouspenskij:
"... man is in prison, so what can he wish for, what can he desire? If he is a more or less sensible man, he can wish for only one thing—to escape. But even before he can formulate this desire, that he wants to escape, he must become aware that he is in prison. If he does not realize that he is in prison, he cannot wish to escape. Then, when he formulates this wish, he begins to realize the possibilities of escape, and he understands that, by himself, he cannot escape, because it is necessary to dig under walls, and things like that. He realizes that first of all he must have some people who would like to escape with him—a small group of people. So he realizes that a certain number of people can perhaps escape. But all cannot escape. One cannot and all cannot, but a small number of people can. Again, in what conditions? He comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to have help. Without that they cannot escape. They must have maps, files, tools and so on. so they must have help from outside. This is exactly, almost literally, the position of man."
P. D. Ouspensky: The Fourth Way