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國際郭林氣功文化研究會(澳洲分會) 於二○○九年三月正式在澳洲紐省註冊為一非牟利社團組織,致力在澳洲以郭林氣功幫助病患者恢復健康及康健者防病養生。本會已於同年四月開始接受練功者申請登記成為會員。至二一五年底,在本會學習郭林氣功者已逾四百人。本會練功班的教功老師皆師承北京抗癌樂園,持有該組織頒發的郭林氣功老師證書,他們均秉承郭林老師的無私精神,義務為本會學員傳授郭林氣功。

The International Guolin Qigong Culture Research Association, headquartered in Hong Kong SAR of PRC, is a non-political, non-religious and not-for-profit organisation. The Association is determined on togetherness, inheritance, exploration and development as principal directions in promoting and enhancing the culture of Guolin Qigong around the world. It provides consultation, counselling and training of qualified instructors, and organizes academic events on Guolin Qigong. 

The International Guolin Qigong Culture Research (Australia) Association Inc. is a not-for-profit association, registered with the NSW Office of Fair Trading in March 2009. The aim of the Association is to promote the practice of Guolin Qigong among people with cancer, chronic diseases and other illnesses as a complementary therapy, and people interested in health building within Australia, through the offering of Qigong training classes, talks and related activities. Up to the end of 2015, over 400 members have come to the Association to learn and practise Guolin Qigong. The teachers of our Qigong Association have all been trained by the principal teachers of the Beijing Anti-cancer Club, and accredited with Guolin Qigong Teacher's Certificate. They are committed to pass on our Master Guolin's ideology of caring for mankind and to teach Guolin Qigong on a voluntary basis.


 Current Guolin Qigong Practising Sessions in Sydney 


   Cumberland State Forest, 95 Castle Hill Road, West Pennant Hills

       逢周六早上 9:00 11:00   Saturday mornings


         Boronia Park, 37 Bridge Street, Epping     

           Coles 停車場  The Epping Club 後 (Near Coles Car Park and behind the Epping Club)

        逢周一早上 9:00 11:00    Monday mornings




Qigong instructors are available at these practising sessions. Sessions may be cancelled due to bad weather. Chinese Guolin Qigong books and DVDs are available for ordering.


         電話:    (會長)            黄妙玲       0430 047038     President Angela Wong

            (副會長)     梁建基             0417 312224      Vice President Peter Leung

      (副會長)  繆邵麗霞    0416 131911     Vice President Lydia Mau

  電郵: boscolau@optusnet.com.au  /  guolinawmla1116@gmail.com 

Last update: 02/02/2018