Timeline of Animal Farm compared to Russian Revolution


Year Events in History Events in Animal Farm
1917 -Russian Revolution, ending with the abdication of Nicholas II (Mar. 15)
-Nicholas II was murdered on July 17
-October Revolution
-End of World War I (Nov. 17)
-Start of Labor Camps
-Battle of the animals against Jones

-Battle of the Cowshed

-Pigs encouraged the animals to work hard on the farm
1923 -Beginning of the struggle between Stalin and Trotsky -Different opinions between Napoleon and Snowball are apparent
1924 -Death of Lenin -Napoleon is openly antagonistic to Snowball's ideas
1925 -Trotsky removed as war commissar
1927 -Trotsky expelled from party
1929 -Trotsky deported
-Start of Industrialization
-Snowball chased away by the dogs
-Building of the windmill
1932 -Starvation of millions of people who did not want to work for Stalin -Hens starved to death, when they did not want to sell eggs
1933 -USA recognizes USSR -Other farms recognized animal farm
1934 -"Secret Police" became official
-Kirov was murdered
-Dogs helped Napoleon to search through the private belongings of the animals
1936 -Show trials of Stalin's opponents -Death of four pigs, three hens, goose and sheep
1937 -Terror climaxes with labor camps and concentration camps
1939 -Non-Aggression Pact between Germany and Russia -Deal between Animal Farm and Frederick
1940 -Trotsky murdered in Mexico
1941 -German invasion of Russia
-Start of deportation of non-Russians
-Banknotes for woodpile were not worth anything
1945 -Treaty to divide Germany -Treaty with Pilkington


Reason of Russian Revolution- The reason for the Revolution was because of mass shortages and hunger.

Important Events-  1.    Czar Nicholas giving up his power then being murdered.(animals against Jones) 2.   Disagreements between Stalin and Trotsky.(Napoleon and Snowball) 3. Lenin Dies.( Napoleon taking Snowballs ideas) 4.Starvation of millions of people who did not want to work for Stalin. (Hens starving to death for not producing eggs) 5. Secret Police coming into the picture(dogs helping Napoleon search through the animals things) 6.Show Trials of Stalin ( death of 4 pigs,3hens,goose and sheep. 7.Treaty to divide Germany ( treaty with Pilkington)

About the book- the book animal farm puts Trotsky,Lenin and Stalin in the form of animals. And describes it as in the view of an animal on a farm. And how they overcome their troubles on the farm comparing those of the Russian Revolution.

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