Helpful Links for Young Filmmakers

Please be aware that some of the links can not be viewed at Gunston due to the APS firewall.
Composition Rules, Editing, Shots, and Audio
Rule of Thirds Video (used in our class)
Basic Camera Shots
Framing & Composition (in a minute)
How to Get Better Sound with Your Camera's Mic
Don't Forget about Audio! (a few simple tips for recording better quality audio)
Vimeo Video School (DIY, editing, gear, and more)
What is B-Roll? (youtube link)
180 Degree Rule
5 Deadly Sins of  Amateur Video
Wikipedia page of basic Cinematic Techniques
The L-Cut Editing Technique (youtube link)

Printable storyboard (.doc)
Storyboarding Basics
Storyboarding Detail for those that can not draw!
Cool StoryBoarding Video
AFI Video:  Storyboarding 101
Storyboarding Harry Potter: Jim Cornish Interview
Steven Spielberg on Storyboarding
Monsters Inc. Storyboard Comparison
Toy Story storyboard pitch
Toy Story toy soldier scene

Creative Commons and Copyright Free Images
Pics4Learning (copyright free images)
Photo Pin (access to creative commons photos with credits and easy download)
Creative Commons Search (able to search creative commons images, video, and music)
Compfight (access to Flickr creative commons images)
Public Domain Media Sources
Public Domain Photo Database

Sound Effects and Music
Free Sound Effects
Royalty Free Sound Effects
Partners in Rhyme royalty free audio
Sound Bible (free sound clips, sound effects, and sound bites)
American Rhetoric (mp3 audio of 100 famous speeches)  (The Art and design of film sound)

Free Music by Moby to use in your student film!
MacJam (Garageband online music community)
Jamendo Free creative commons music
Free Music Archive Access to various public domain and Creative Commons Music
DigCCMixer- copyright free music archive
Bensound- royalty free music

So you want to be a filmmaker?  (Inspiring video from Mr. Costner's creative friend)
If you are ever in New York City you must see... (in addition to many other fine places)

Free Filmmaker Forms
Release Forms, Notice of Filming etc.

iPads in Filmmaking
25 Cool Ways Filmmakers can Use an iPad

Want to see other student films?
GunstonTV Video Blog
Curse of the Golden Mop  (our original Horror-Comedy movie)

MHZ Shortie Awards YouTube Page
Gandhi Brigade (youth filmmakers from Silver Spring, Maryland)
Wide Angle Youth Media (Baltimore)

Cool Commercials
Vintage Commercials

Videos I show in Class