Welcome to Guns n Hoses Pipes n Drums of SW Florida

Guns n Hoses Pipes and Drums is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

About the Band

Guns n Hoses Pipes n Drums was created in September 2011 by a few pipers and drummers who had performed at Fire and Police Funerals and wanted to organize a volunteer group here in SW Florida to attend such events.  The members came from several local bands as well as individual players.  Our members are from all over the US, Canada, England, Scotland, and Ireland.  There are active and retired Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers, Military Veterans, EMS, and Patriots who wish to put their support behind these organizations.  
The main rule for the Guns n Hoses Pipes n Drums is that we, its members, maintain a certain decorum and respect befitting the circumstances of our performance; remember what we are here for.   Any member can introduce a request for a performance; however, it is requested that it be filtered through one of the following for notification and availability.  Since all performances are voluntary, they are always based on availability.

Band Master

John McMahon




Chuck Marklin 




The Guns n Hoses Pipes n Drums was formed to assist, join, or organize performances for Fire, Police, EMS, Military and non-profit civic groups.  The hope is to promote brotherhood through Celtic Music and Traditions and to support our service organizations.  We will offer our services free of charge for Line of Duty (LODD) funerals, memorials, and fundraising events.  In exchange for performances not deemed as LODD or Fundraisers, we seek a nominal donation.  We will use a portion of these donations to purchase and maintain necessary band equipment and support.  The remainder will be donated back into the community for organizations, such as the American Legion and other worthy groups.  Since all performances are voluntary, they will always depend on availability. 
As an example of WHY we do this...

Photo is from a YouTube video of the Collier County Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. posted by Yo Ja on June 22, 2015.

...We play to express our gratitude to the men and women who have and continue to work and fight for our freedom and our safety. 


For more information about the Band and its availability, contact the Band Master or Secretary listed above.

What's Inside