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David Walz Gunsmithing FFL Dealer

(Owner of: Wasilla Locksmith Safe and Vault)

David Walz Gunsmith FFL

By appointment only, I'm not at the shop all the time so call first.

I am a FFL dealer and I work on firearms. Call us today for an appointment to repair your firearm, transfer a firearm, or sell you a firearm. We are located in the Wasilla area and we can see you after work, the weekends, just call and set up an appointment.
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One major complaint I have had, from my customers is the factory trigger pull on a firearm. I explain that it can be resolved. 
I have worked on firearms with trigger issues, after I removed the crud, stoned the action, cleaned the parts the trigger pull was smooth.
I do not change any parts, and I do not cut corners, I just stone the action where it is needed and I have really excellent results. It usually takes several hours, however the end result is great.
This is a AR 15 that I built, the AR 15 has only quality parts installed. Only Quality USA made parts was used to build this firearm, I only used the Aero receiver, and Rock River Arms parts.

This is a a great photo of my AR15 click on th photo to get a better view.  

I'm now building the M16A1 retrofit. Check out the link: