Prof. Gunnthorsdottir holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Iceland and a PhD in Decision Sciences and Economics from the University of Arizona. Prof. Gunnthorsdottir is a Fellow of the University of Iceland's Behavioral Decision Laboratory and the George Mason University Neuroeconomics laboratory. She has trained strategic thought, negotiations, game theory and experimental methods in MBA, executive MBA, masters and PhD courses and executive programs, and for corporate and political leaders, in the US, Australia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Spain and Austria.

Anna Gunnthorsdottir is an experimental game theorist with an interest in business -, political, financial and military strategy, mass phenomena such as market bubbles and social and political trends and contagion, subconscious motives and mechanism design. Her research aims at finding ways to achieve goals and increase efficiency through preparation and planning. Her work is published in the leading journals in the field, and has been awarded the Emerald Literati Prize.