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How do I log in?

Step 1: Launch your browser
Step 2:  Type in the address box: bob.pausd.org 
Step 3: Log into bob using your district I.D. and password
Step 4: Click on Schoology (the link is on the right side of the page)

How to open a course + create an assignment + Calendar

How to upload a file or a link to your course

Using Google Docs with Schoology (With AMAZING british accent)

Assigning H.W. directly from the Calendar and Dragging H.W. from one due date to another.

Adding a Folder (collection) to your course

How do students use the Dropbox in Schoology with Google Docs?

  • Adding an update
  • How to send a message to students / a student
  • Dropbox functionality
  • Integration with Google Docs
  • Reading Logs / Discussion boards
  • How to create a group and share material with other teachers
  • Student's View
  • Test / quizzes