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Infinite Campus

Gunn Tech "How To's" steps in text                                                                                                     Setting up your grade-book - there are 5 quick steps, click on the link to start!
Log in

Step 1: Launch your browser
Step 2: Go to the Gunn webpage at gunn.pausd.org 
Step 3: Click on Infinite Campus
Step 4: Type in user name (your e-mail address without  @pausd) and your password

Taking Attendance  

Step 1: On the left hand sidebar, Click on "Attendance" 
Step 2: Begin taking attendance
Note:  Make sure to go to "Admin" and "Preferences" in order to set up the your attendance sheet.

Printing Class Roster (for Bathroom sheet for example)

Step 1: On the left hand sidebar click on "Reports" 
Step 2: Click on "Blank Spreadsheet"
Step 3: Adjust options at the top (like Cell Counts) to whatever you want
Step 4:  Click "Generate Report" at the bottom of the page
Step 5: Once report is generate, click on "File" at the top navigation bar of your computer
Step 6: Select "Print"

Using the Gradebook Entering Scores

There are two ways to do this.  
  • First, same as last year: you can click on the “Gradebook Beta” tab under instruction and enter grades like you are entering them into a spreadsheet.
  • The second method is, once you have created or edited the assignment, click on the “Save & Score” button from the top bar.  This method allows you to more easily enter comments and codes for this assignment.

There are some cool things you can do with this method of entering scores:  You can click “T” which means, turned it but not yet graded.  It appears immediately for parents and student in the gradebook on the portal. You can also flag assignments as missing, late, incomplete or exempt.

Hiding Assignments scores and making them viewable

Checking Student's Records and Info (attendance, grades, counselor)

Printing students grades for end of year