The end of the school year is a busy and exciting time for the Senior class! Here is some information to help you navigate your way through the last few weeks and important information about graduation requirements and products (Caps & Gowns, Event Dates & Times, Grad Night Info).

UPDATES!  As of 2/15/18
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Cap and Gown Ordering Update: 
A little behind on ordering your cap and gown?  There's still time!  Visit one of the following links:
Basic Cap and Gown Unit:

All the other cool stuff to buy:

Students can also bring $50 cash on to the spring delivery day (5/22/18) and Jostens will have extra Caps, gowns and tassels available for purchase.

Cap, Gown & Tassel unit     $50.00
Cap & Tassel                       $25.00
Cap                                      $15.00
Tassel Only                         $10.00


Cap and Gown orders are due TODAY (12/15) to Jostens. 
After the 15th there will be a late order fee applied. 

 Here is the link that will take you directly to the Basic Cap, Gown, and Tassel Set. 

IF YOU ARE TRYING TO MAIL IN YOUR ORDER - Jostens will not accept it as on time, unless you call them today.   Also, if you want the "cap and tassel" only option you must contact Jostens directly:  

Jostens Rep Contact Info:  Dan Grobeck  800-JOSTENS (567-8367)


Caps and Gown Ordering Update!

If you are going to BORROW a Gown, you must complete the form provided in the Jostens Packet and turn the form in Thursday, 11/30 to the Jostens' rep at lunch on the Amphitheater Quad.  You will still need to purchase your cap and tassel.  Packets are in the SAO.

Purchasing?  You can turn in your order form to Jostens on Thursday or order online at


Seniors - Cap and Gown Order Forms and now available:  Pick an order form up in the SAO or order online for Henry Gunn HS Custom graduation announcements, senior souvenirs as well as your Cap, Gown and Tassel!  These items can also be purchased online by following the link below; however, Jostens will be on campus for orders and questions Thursday, November 30th during lunch on the Amphitheater Quad.
  • The deadline to receive the group order pricing is December 15th so please order online, through the mail or on campus on Thursday.
  • Order Day Special – On Thursday, if you order your Class Ring, Class Tag, Class Locket or Class Bracelet, you will receive a Free Class of 2018 Hooded T. It’s easy to design your jewelry by following the link below and choosing jewelry. Once your design is finished, print out the order form and bring it to us with at least a $50 deposit – we will size your finger
  • Link to Online Order Page:

Cap and Gown Order packets now available in the SAO!  Pick up an order form and turn in to Jostens when they visit campus on 11/30 at lunch, or order online:

Deadline to order is DECEMBER 15th, 2017.


Student Activities Notes
  1. Pay attention to Senior-specific announcements throughout the school year - they will help you successfully complete everything you need to graduation and enjoy Senior Activities to the fullest!
  2. Pranks: Second semester is often accompanied by senior pranks that cause damage and inconvenience to the school. Serious disciplinary (and even legal) action will be taken if pranks are committed before the end of the year. Furthermore, the senior class will have to pay for any damages, which may leave you without a Grad Night. Don’t risk it!
  3. Graduation: Make sure you have taken care of the following…
    • Cap & Gown: Order online or pick up an order form in November at school.  Jostens will be on campus in November 30th at lunch to collect orders and answer questions.
      • If you miss the cut off date, Call Jostens @ 650-350-1132 or click on the link above in the Updates section if you still haven’t ordered. Once the late order deadline has passed, limited extras will be available on May 26th on delivery day.
      • NOTE - no one is expected to pay for their cap and gown as a condition to participate in graduation.  Caps and gowns can be borrowed from the school if a student does not wish to purchase, but many students do purchase theirs as a keepsake.  Contact Jostens at 925-283-9283
        or E-mail the Gunn HS rep at if you want more information on borrowing a cap and gown.
    • Senior Activities: Senior Picnic & Grad Night - Packets will be available on the PTSA Website:  (To be Posted Soon)
    • Senior Obligations: Library/Textbook/Parking/Transcript/Athletics:  You will be mailed a letter listing all your outstanding obligations. Please clear them with the Main Office, Library or specific Department as soon as you can or you won’t receive a yearbook or diploma.  No exceptions!!!
    • Attire for Baccalaureate and Graduation:  Dressy casual (no jeans/ sneakers) with tassel, cap and graduation gown zipped up.  You do not need to bring your cap or tassel to Baccalaureate!
Baccalaureate/Graduation Performers:

Speeches:  Student tryouts will be in May (Date TBD), at 3:30 PM in the English Dept Lunchroom.  Show up ready to deliver a 3-5 minute speech to teachers, counselors, and two of your council members. We will choose 2 for Baccalaureate and 3 for Graduation. No sign-ups are required.

Musical Performances:  If you wish to perform during Baccalaureate, come to tryouts  in May (Date TBD) at 2:45 PM in V12.  Pieces should be around 3 minutes long and be at a high level.
Senior End-of-Year Calendar

MARCH 2018

20th - Senior Assembly & Panoramic Picture in Bow Gym

APRIL 2018

14th - Junior/ Senior Prom  (7:30 - 11:30 PM)

MAY 2018

TBD - Speech Try-Outs (Staff Lounge @ 3:30pm)

TBD – Baccalaureate Music Tryouts (V12

22nd - Purchased Cap & Gown Distribution (Bow Gym @ Lunch)

22nd - Senior Yearbooks (in front of the SAO @ 2pm)
23rd –  25th - Senior Finals

23rd - Senior Awards Night (Titan Gym) @ 7:00pm

25th - Paper Toss (Location TBD)

24th - Borrowed Cap & Gown Distribution (Bow Gym @ Lunch)

27th - Baccalaureate in Titan Gym @ 2:00 PM
(Doors open at 1:45 PM - seniors should arrive with their family)

28th - Memorial Day!

30th - Graduation Rehearsal/Senior Picnic

(Seniors need to be at Bow Gym at 8:00 AM.  Senior Picnic Check in will be right after dismissal from rehearsal)

31st - Graduation on the Football Athletic Field @ 5pm
(Seniors need to be at Bow Gym at 4:30 PM)

31st - Grad Night Event
(immediately following end of commencement ceremony)