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The ASB Bureaucracy…how it works!  You may be thinking to yourself, "We certainly have to jump through a lot of hoops just to get a few measly t-shirts!" As a government agency, high schools have to follow the guidelines set to us by the State of California. This means, in true government fashion, we have a large number of steps we must follow to please our auditor and make the State happy. Here are a few steps and frequently asked questions to help you navigate this process as efficiently as possible:

Before you Start - Some Things to Know About Fundraisers:

Steps to Getting your Event Approved:

Step One - start planning your event/ fundraiser.  You will need to be able to answer the following:

  • Date(s) of Event (have a first and second choice handy)
  • Time of Event
  • Description of event
  • Where will the event be held (have a first and second choice)
  • Facility request for on-campus space must go through Ms. Johnson in the Main Office.  If you reserve space with her, it will be tentative until SEC approves your event.
  • Tech needs (if applicable) for event.
  • Cost per person for event
  • If collecting money for event, what will money be used for.

Step Two– Once you’ve worked out the main details above – complete the following forms:

  1. Event / Fundraiser Request Form - Required for any event that will be open to the entire student body/ community
  2. If collecting money at event - Cash Box Request
  3. If using space on campus - Facility Request

Step ThreeSEC needs to approve your event. California Ed Code 43932, states that every school board has to authorize all events and fundraising done by schools and student organizations connected to the schools.

Since the Board can’t review every event or fundraiser that occurs at all of the schools in the district they have appointed Student Activities and the SEC to approve fundraising and other events for Gunn.

We also do this to ensure that there are no competing fundraisers or other conflicting events on the calendar. Approval is first come, first served, so if you want a specific date, get your paperwork in early!

To get your event approved:

  1. Turn your completed application in to the SAO at least 2 Fridays before the week your club wants to hold the event
  2. Your application will be reviewed at the next Leadership Council Meeting (usually the Monday after you submit your request)
  3. DO NOT ORDER ITEMS TO SELL OR POST FLYERS/ ADVERTISE until you have received a confirmation of approval from the Student Body VP or Mrs. Hall.

The Penalty for Holding an event or fundraiser that has Not Been Approved:   
Immediate STOP of sales, loss of profit and/or loss of club status for 1 year.

Your Event is Approved! Next - Getting Ready for your Event:

Before your event:
  • Advertise! All posters and signs must be stamped by the SAO and must be removed on the last day of the event. Be sure to review the Gunn HS Publicity Rules here!
  • If you are selling tickets of any kind, they must be pre-numbered.
  • If selling things, don't forget to request a cash box at least two days before your event.

During your event:

  • Your club advisor must be present during your event, if your event is inside a building on campus, after 4:00 PM on campus, or off site. 
  • If selling things, you must keep a record tally of the number of items sold and monies collected. See Ms. Knaack or Ms. Kousnetz for a generic form. Turn in this form with your money after the fundraiser. 
  • You must clean up after your event or your club will be charged janitorial fees.

After your event ends:

  • All money collected must be turned into to the SAO the day after your event (or the Monday following your event, if on a weekend). Tally the funds on a Deposit Form and have your Advisor sign as to verify the amount is correct, then turn in to the SAC. All funds will be deposited in to your account. 
  • You may not pay bills or make reimbursements out of the cash box!!! Once the funds have been accounted for and deposited in your club account, you may turn in receipts for reimbursement. 
  • NOTE: No bill will be paid or reimbursement made if you do not have sufficient funds in your account.

All forms can be found under the Club Folder in ASB Forms

Did you know you can request a loan of ASB funds?
If your club wants to host an event that will benefit the majority of Gunn students (at least 51% of the student body), your club can apply for a scholarship with the SEC to use Student Body funds. The elected ASB officers must approve all requests and funds must be available at the time of your request.

EXAMPLE:  an all school educational assembly or activity that will improve school culture (preferably tied to school goals, plan or mission).