What Does the Student Executive Council Do?

"What is the Student Executive Council anyway? Is it really a poster-making class?"

Gunn High School's Associated Student Body (ASB) is a term to describe a multifunctional program…Its responsibilities can be divided into three parts: Money, Fun, and Leadership Class.
Part 1: Money

The Student Executive Council (SEC) is made up of the voting members of the ASB Student Government that functions under the parameters of a Constitution, and has been approved by the district’s Board of Trustees. These students are charged with the responsibility of maintaining student funds.

The SEC, with the assistance of the Student Body Accounts Clerk, maintains accounts with combined amounts that exceed $100,000. This money is to be spent on non-curricular activities that directly and indirectly benefit students. All members of the SEC are voting members. Some students are elected, while others are appointed. The SEC is comprised of all ASB Elected and Appointed Officers, and Class Officers.

Every week, the SEC meets to process the requests for expenditures from the various extra curricular organizations on campus. This includes the Oracle and Olympian, some curricular clubs (like theater), extracurricular clubs, and class accounts. Money in the ASB accounts is derived from many sources, mostly fundraising and donations from the community.

The student council considers all request expenditures, and passes only those that meet legal requirements. Many people have been baffled by the number of forms that are used by the ASB. These are the papers necessary to spend ASB money. They are submitted to the Student Activities Office and will be passed through the hands of six (6) different people before they are completely processed. Those involved are the staff advisor, ASB Treasurer, ASB President, the Activities Director, a School Administrator, and the student Accounts Clerk, as well as the District Office. It is a cumbersome process. Each week the SEC will process an average of 25 requests to spend ASB money, all making the journey from staff advisor to the Accounts Clerk at the District Office.

To top it off, an auditor visits us each year to make sure all bills are legal and documented in minutes and ledger reports. If you notice the folks in the SAO stressing out, we are probably awaiting a visit from the auditor.

Part 2: Fun

The SEC is also responsible for planning and executing of activities that foster school spirit and make high school memorable. While the SEC, under the supervision of the Activities Director, plans “ASB sponsored” events like the Back to School Dance, activities at brunch and lunch, Homecoming Week, community service events, helping with NIOS Week, assemblies, rallies, and Spring Fling, they also help clubs and other school organizations with their events and provide them with extra hands and supplies when possible.

Part 3: Leadership Class

The leadership class is a B period class where students are graded based on variety of requirements. Despite popular opinion, we do not spend all of our class time making posters and it is not “an easy ‘A’ .” The course is designed to achieve the processing of money and planning of fun events, but it is also devoted to providing students with other opportunities to improve their individual leadership skills. Below are typical activities we do each month in class:

Leadership Council
Held on Mondays, Student Council Meetings are used to process all requests to spend Student Body money and discuss upcoming events, student government policy, and to review and vote on proposals. Most times, it will just be Leadership Students in attendance, but when the class must plan an event and needs additional feedback, students from the general student body will be asked to attend. The ASB Secretary prepares an agenda and the ASB President facilitates the meeting. The ASB Treasurer follows up on problematic bills. After the meeting, the ASB Secretary distributes the minutes to all staff members and posts them online.

Leadership Curriculum
Several times a month, the Student Activities Director will take the students through a number of topics relating to leadership, to help build on leadership skills. These topics include Communications, Leadership Assessment, Ethics, Organization, Budgeting, Group Work and Public Speaking.

Group Building Activities
At least twice a month, these activities help the whole class stay cohesive, lighten up and have fun as a group. Activities are usually team focused.  Retreats at the start and during the middle of the school year also help the group work on group dynamics.

Event Planning Teams
On Wednesdays, Officers who have events coming up meet with their "event teams" to review plans, assign tasks and check in with team members on completion of assignments.  Most officers will be a Team Leader at one point and will also participate as a member in at least two Event Teams a Semester.

Long-Term Projects
Each SEC member will be working on a long-term project during the year, evaluating of "school affecting" issues, both on campus and in the community. Each student will be able to choose from a list of project ideas to research and present on, with the goal of implementing the plan at some point during the year.

Project/ Work Days
We hold Project Days on Wednesday (and occasionally Fridays), depending on our schedule of activities. These days are used to do class activities, work on projects, do planning, and run errands. Each student has his/her own task or event team assignment they are trying to complete. Team Leaders will also meet one-on-one with the Activities Director to check in on responsibilities and discuss ongoing assignments.