Officer Elections & Appointment Information

Thank you for your interest in ASB Leadership!  The Student Executive Council (SEC) is comprised of the students elected or appointed to represent the student body or to oversee specific tasks relating to school events, activities, and the Gunn community. Becoming involved in SEC is a meaningful way to become involved in Gunn culture, both in and beyond the classroom.

Being an Elected or Appointed Officer for the Associated Student Body of Gunn High School is an honor and a large responsibility. You have been chosen to represent your class or the students at Gunn as a whole and to ensure student interests and activities are upheld.

Members of SEC, have opportunities to demonstrate their talents, skills, and interests while continuing to develop new leadership and organizations skills. SEC is also about taking ownership for all the programs and activities we offer at Gunn. Their input improves and strengthens Student Activities and Gunn life by bringing new energy and ideas.  If you are interested in making a difference, taking action on school and community issues, leading your class in school events, and making a positive impact on your school and peers, SEC is for you!

  As a part of his/her responsibilities as an elected or appointed representative of the Student Body, all members of the Student Executive Council are required to enroll in the Student Government class (held during B Period in the SAC). This course has all the same requirements as other classes and will include assignments relating to leadership training as well as individual roles on SEC, for which participants will receive a grade. Please ask Ms. Hall if you have additional questions about course requirements.

2018-19 Campaign Rules
(updated in Feb. 2019)

Freshman Class Election Packet: 2018-2019
(Updated for 2018-2019!)

ASB Elected Position Descriptions

ASB Election Packet: 2019-2020 (Will be updated in Feb 2019)

Appointed Position Descriptions

Appointed Officer Packet: 2019-2020
Will be updated in Feb 2019)