Physical Education Staff Philosophy:

This can be demonstrated in various sports and activities for lifelong enjoyment.  Instruction is student centered; each participant has his/her own individual need and preference for movement. Our program emphasizes the improvement of physical fitness, physical skills, and gaining knowledge of activities with healthy choices.  Please refer to our GMS PE web page for class details.

General Curriculum:

I.  Five Parts of Fitness (Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance,  Cardiovascular, and Body Composition)

II.  Lifetime activities, team and individual sports

III.  Knowledge of game rules and strategies

IV.  Behavior Expectations

P.E. Conduct

Proper behavior is expected at all times. Please respect other students' abilities and level of play. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.

When the instructor is speaking, students are to be quiet and listening. Misconduct of any kind will result in yellow and red light consequences, as explained below. A contract for both the classroom and locker room must be completed by each student and their parents/guardians.

  1. Be Active

  2. Be Responsible

  3. Be a team player

  4. Be Safe

  5. Be Respectful

Absences and Tardies

Each student is responsible to make-up any work missed within ONE-WEEK (5 school days) of his/her return to school. The grade during this time will be a 0 or marked as a M in the grade book to show a missing assignment in Powerschool.  

Students are expect to be on time in the gym when the bell rings.  Students are also expected to be out of the locker room, warming-up before the four minute dress time ends.  

Medical Excuses

All students are required to participate to the “Best of Their Ability” in Physical Education.

1.      If your child has a severe medical problem that the teacher needs to be aware of, please have the student bring a doctor’s note for the medical condition or have your doctor fax the note to the school. The fax number at GMS is (970) 641-7739. Students may obtain a “limited activity” PE form from his/her P.E. teacher or the P.E. web page, This must be filled out by a doctor.  Also, students who have asthmatic problems are not automatically excused from aerobic activities(including running). We encourage you to get a medical clearance from your child’s doctor enabling your child to have an inhaler during physical education class.

2.      Parents/Guardians may request that their child be excused from participation due to illness and/or injury for one day.  The second day, the parent/guardian can again write a note to excuse the child, but on the third and subsequent days the note must be from a doctor. On the note please include: the student's first and last name, reason for not participating, the date, a phone number where a parent/guardian can be reached and a signature of the child’s parent/guardian.  Students with a parental note will be responsible for information covered in the current unit.

3.      Medical excuses, signed by a doctor, will be honored for the designated time. These are needed for the student to be excused for the third day and thereafter. Students with a medical excuse are responsible for information covered in the current unit.


P.E. Uniforms

Students are required to dress out daily for Physical Education class.  Uniforms are available to purchase new for $25 ($12 shirt, $13 shorts) or used for $10 ($5 shirt or shorts) . Appropriate active wear is required for participation in Physical Education. Names must be visible on shirts and shorts. No other writing or coloring is permitted on PE clothing.  It is recommended  that students take home and wash their P.E. uniform at the end of each week.  We may go outside activities even during cold days; therefore, students are encouraged to have an old pair of sweats just in case the weather is not mild.  Athletic shoes MUST have shoe laces and MUST be tied correctly for participation. Jewelry and gum must be removed during class time. Only prescription eye-wear is permitted.

LOANER UNIFORMS;   If a student forgets his/her PE clothes loaners are available. Loaners are only to be used in an emergency. A student may borrow loaner clothes three times per quarter without a consequence. Students are not allowed to wear another student’s PE clothes. If a student wears a:

4th and 5th loaner in one quarter: he/she must immediately call a parent/guardian to create a strategy with the parent to remedy the problem. 

6th loaner in one quarter: he/she will be referred to the office with an office  referral.

P.E. Discipline plan

1. Physical Education teachers use a “green, yellow, red light” system for all class behaviors:

Green Light = student goes above and beyond in his/her work habits, participation, and/or citizenship, and is awarded positively for this behavior.

Yellow Light = a warning to the student to adjust his/her current behavior/choices.

Red Light = a second acknowledgement of poor behavior/choice.  Student completes a Red Light reflection form designed to help students evaluate and change the current behavior. Student also discusses this form with a teacher.  

2.  Referral = Student is sent to the office for multiple Red Lights, insubordination, dangerous behavior, or any violation of GMS Code of Conduct.

Lost and found

Students are required to lock up all their belongings. The GMS Physical Education department can not be held responsible for lost or stolen articles. Unmarked clothing will be donated to a charitable organization.

P.E Locker Room

Students have four minutes to get dressed and participate in warm-up activity.  The locker room is not a play area.  A safe environment must always be maintained.  Failure to follow the rules of the locker room will be dealt with in a responsive manner.

The locker room is always open and students need to be reminded to keep their possessions locked in their lockers.  Each student will be issued a locker with a combination lock (No sharing of lockers or combinations).  It is extremely important that each student keep locker combinations confidential so that belongings are secure.

Grading in P.E.

We recommend that students check their PE grade weekly to assure that all assignments are completed.  Students missing assignments need to advocate for themselves to find a solution with the teacher. Click here to see our heart rate zone rubrics.    

Academic grade

Your student's academic grade will include knowledge, skill and physical fitness assessments.  Knowledge assessments: written and oral tests may be use to assess student learning and understanding of the unit.

Skill Development: Various rubrics will be utilized to assess the skill and knowledge of students.

Physical Fitness: Includes cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and muscular endurance.

Assessment rubrics are adopted from National Fitness Standards.  Students are graded from either achievement or growth (from their own previous test scores to accommodate for differences in individual capabilities).

All assessments and assignments will be graded with the use of grading codes.

E = Exemplary 100%

A = Advanced 94%

P = Proficient 85%

PP = Partially Proficient 75%

BAS = Basic 65% or lower

Test retakes and Making up missing assignments

All missing assignments are recorded in Power School  as a zero. All assignments need to be made up or retested in a three week window outside of class time.   This may be during Student Access, Advisory Access or Mustang Time.

Work Habit grade

Students are expected to be in the gym by the tardy bell, and on the gym floor dressed for class before the four minute change time.  Students need to be prepared for class with a clean PE uniform and proper shoes.  While in class students need to be focused and working to the best of their ability during the warm-up and throughout the lesson. Students are expected to follow all safety guidelines and procedures and  participate in all activities to the best of their abilities.   

Citizenship grade

Students are expected be cooperative, positive and respectful of peers and staff. Please refer to PE discipline plan above for further explanation.  

 We review these policies with students throughout the year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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