September Board Minutes

Minutes for Library Bd. Sept. 30, 2008


The meeting was called to order by Pres. Larry at  5:40 p.m. in Ann Zugelder  Library.

Bd. Members present:  Vicki Spencer, Jim Barron, Bruce Bartleson, and Marj O’Reilly

Guests Present: Laurel Bain, Jane Thomas, Paul Duba,  Donna Ford


Approval of Agenda:  Two additions were added: Literacy Report in new business and Tuition Reimbursement in Old Business.


Approval of Aug. Minutes: Motion was made to approve minutes by Vicki.  Seconded by Bruce.  Motion passed.


Public Comment: None


Financial Report:

 Donna, our accountant, presented the 2008 budget, the 2008 projected budget and the 2009 budget.

Discussion followed.  By 10/8/08 the county needs the 2008 budget.  Vicki made a motion to accept the 2008 projected budget and Jim seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

The 2009 budget was tabled to be discussed in Oct. or Nov.

Vicki will discuss with Kim the process of how the books are ordered and charged to the individual libraries.

We will continue to keep 10% out of the book budget for our reserve fund.

Larry will discuss with Matt Bernie the issue of the county continuing to take care of the payroll for the staff and also the possibility of the staff staying under the county with their benefit package, and also what the cost would be for the library.  Questions will be asked regarding the transition of the employees to a benefit package that the library bd. will be buying into in the near future.


Literacy Report:

Paul reported that he received $30,000 from the CDE to develop programs for children.  He will check with the county about the maintenance costs for his computers and about the longevity of literacy keeping the current physical space.  The bd. said yes to the transferring of the $20,000 from the library budget to the 2008 literacy budget.


Hiring process:

The bd. will began the study of the applications for the Director’s position on 10/7/08 at 3:00 at the Ann Zugelder Library.


Discussion of work with BRS:

Larry will direct Bruce to continue on with his work and the county’s work in regard to Wetlands, Study, Traffic Study, Annexation, and Survey for the new library site. Donna will check to see how much the county will be contributing to these costs.  Bruce will be asked to keep his costs at $10,000 for the annexation project and he will also be paid for the other projects—a total of $16,000..  Vicki made a motion to approve the amendment to the budget to reflect the additional expenses by BRS.  Bruce seconded the motion and it passed.


Report on CB Library:

Marj has been working with the tile man to get the new tile installed in the entryway of the library.  She is working with the elevator maintenance company regarding the bid price and the actual invoice amount.

Elk Signs in CB has donated a sign for one of the doors. Marj has written a grant to the town of CB for the library.



Interim Director;

Jim made a motion that Larry work in the library assisting Donna Ford and supporting the staff for 10 hrs. a week at the cost of $30.00 an hr.   It was seconded by Bruce and passed.  He will also be looking at job descriptions and workloads.


Tuition Reimbursements:

Larry read the Library Policy regarding this issue.  Larry will ask the staff members who have requested this reimbursement to let us know their actual expenses.  We will study it at a later meeting.

A picture was taken of the bd. members with the new books that have been donated by Gunnison Electric Cooperation.  Vicky had requested the books for the libraries.


Bruce moved that the meeting be adjourned. Jim seconded.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

Marj O’Reilly