October Board Minutes

Minutes for Gunnison County Library Board.

Oct. 7, 2008 at Ann Zugelder Library

Members Present:  Larry Meredith, Vicki Spencer, Jim Barron,
Bruce Bartleson, and Marj O’Reilly

Guests: Paul Duba


Pres. Larry Meredith called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m. on 10/7/08.


Reviewing the budget:

Minor changes to the budget that we voted to approve last week now need to be made:
 These changes will include compensation for Larry’s work in the library and  also the travel and lodging costs that may occur with bringing in applicants for the interview process.  Jim moved to accept these latest budget changes.  Vicki seconded the motion.   Motion passed.


Policies for Library Management:  Jane, Kim, and Vicki will continue their work on these policies. 


Kim has volunteered to represent the library bd. at the Gunnison FOL’s meeting.

Alice will continue to work on the library’s website.


Director’s position:

Discussion followed regarding the applicants’ paperwork.

Questions for the phone conversation with the applicants and questions for the references were written.

Marj will call the first applicant and Bruce will call the applicant’s references.  They will then pass the information from the phone calls on to the bd. for further review.


Next meeting will be 10/21/08 in Gunnison.  The time will be determined later.


Respectfully submitted,

Marj O’Reilly







Minutes for Gunnison County Library Board

OCT. 21, 2008



Bd. Members Present:  Larry Meredith, Vicki Spencer, Bruce Bartleson, Jim Barron, Marj O’Reilly

Guests Present:  Donna Ford, Lash Hansborough, Paul Duba, Kym McNamara, Karen Jenson


Meeting called to order by Pres. Larry Meredith at 3:05.


Approval of Agenda:  Two items  #5 & 6 were moved to the end of the meeting.


Approval of Minutes:  Vicki made a motion to approve the minutes for 9/30/08 and the minutes for 10/7/08.  Bruce seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Budget Report:  Donna reported in that we need to have the draft of the 2009 budget to the county by 10/15/08. The final budget is due to the county by 12/15/08.  Donna will continue to refine the projected budget.

Donna and Paul will review and refine the literacy expenses.

Vicki moved that the finance committee review the 2009 budget and get it ready for approval by the bd. on Dec.  2nd.  Bruce seconded the motion.  It passed.

Discussion for Benefits Package:  Matt Birney said that the county can include the benefits for the library staff in their 2009 budget.  Donna will ask him the following questions concerning the plan:  Contracts with provider, long term investments, and mandatory withdrawal penalties.

Bruce will check with insurance carriers regarding their current or/and updated fees and services.


Library Card Policy: Vicki and staff members revised the form for requesting a library card. Vicki made a motion to accept the form and Bruce seconded it with the addition that it be revisited it a later date.  Motion passed unanimously.


Policies and Procedures:  Jane and Kym will review the internal library policies and Vicki will review the board established policies.  The policies should be ready by the end of the year for the board’s approval.


Tuition Reimbursement:  Alice and Kym have asked for funds related to their tuition expenses.  Bruce made a motion that both Alice and Kym be awarded $1000 each towards their tuition expenses.  Jim seconded the motion and the bd. passed the motion.

The Bd. will revisit Michelle Zanga’s request for funding for the expenses of the college class that she is taking.

The tuition policy will continue to be studied.


Convention Travels: Larry will study the request for a staff member traveling to the Nat’l ALA conference in Denver and he will also review previous history of staff members attending conferences.  Further discussion and a decision on this issue was tabled for the Nov. meeting.


FOL Reports:  Lash reported that the CB FOL is revising their by-laws.  They are contributing funds to a program for the library.  Kym reported that the GFOL is getting ready for their annual fundraiser during library week.


CB Library:  Marj is working with the elevator maintenance man in regard to his actual work with the elevator and his bill.


Job description: Larry has asked the staff to submit a job description for the work that they do at the library.


Interim Director’s report:

 Larry continues to take care of the vouchers and then get them to Donna for payment.  He decided not to submit any paid ads for the libraries at this time. He will meet with the Gunnison staff on Wed. at 9:00 and with the CB staff on Thurs. at 8:00.  Bruce will also attend the staff meeting in CB.

The printer at the front desk of the Gunnison library isn’t working so Karen will continue to work on getting it repaired.

Alice is reviewing the library website.

Larry mentioned that the office space for the director needs to be looked at in the future.


Public comments:

Paul expressed concern over several issues:  the library card application and the request for a picture, the form being translated into Spanish, attending conferences by staff members, and the budget for the literacy program. Did the literacy program get their entire requested amount?


After much discussion, the board rescinded the earlier motion on approving the new library card form with Marj’s motion that it be revisited in light of studying all official documents that would work for a library card application and that the form also be translated into Spanish. Bruce seconded the motion. Motion passed.  Larry and Kym will revise the form after looking at the ideas for official documents that Marj will send on to them.


Larry moved that the bd. go into executive session at 5:00. Vicki seconded the motion. It passed.


There was discussion concerning the search for director after reviewing goals for the upcoming year and concordant with needs for the library.


Larry moved that we adjourn from executive session. Jim seconded the motion. It passed. Bd came out of executive session at 6:00.


Considering the goals for developing the library and its type of leadership needs in the future, Vicki moved that we close the current searches for director and branch manager and put out a new search for an executive director.  Larry will compose a letter to be sent to all applicants  who have applied for the directorship position and will develop a draft for a job description to be reviewed by the bd.


The next bd. meeting will be on Thurs. 10/23 or 10/24. 


Respectfully submitted,

Marj O’Reilly