November Board Minutes

Minutes of Gunnison County Library Board

November 11, 2008


Meeting called to order on Nov. 11, 2008 at 4:09 by Pres. Larry Meredith

Board Members present:  Jim, Barron, Larry Meredith, Marj O’Reilly,

 Vicki Spencer and Bruce Bartleson came late

Guests: Kym McNamara, Donna Ford, Lash Hansborough, Jane Thomas, Paul Duba, and Laurel Bain


Agenda Approved:


 Minutes of 10/11/08 were approved.  Jim moved minutes be approved.  Marj seconded the motion.

 It passed unanimously.


Public Comment: None


Budget Report:  Donna Ford presented the latest budget for 2008.  Expenditures for September exceeded the

revenues at that time due to the way the county does their financing.

Two big expenses that are pending are the Survey and also the traffic study bills.

The tax monies will come to us in April.  Larry will contact the county about starting to send us tax dollars

 in Jan. so we can then open our own bank account and start to pay our bills.

Due to the finances in the budget at this time it was decided not give staff in CB more hours or to extend

the library hours at Old Rock Library.  Donna gave the staff a budget range for their purchasing for the

remainder of the year:  Gunnison Library  $2000-$2500 and Old Rock Library $900-$1100.


On 12/2/08 at 3:00 there will be a special meeting of the board for the purpose of providing time to study the budget

for 2009. The budget needs to be approved and sent on to the county by 12/15/08.


Literacy Report: Paul reported on the grants, classes and the database for the literacy program.

A question was raised by Paul regarding the payment due for anniversary steps for his employees.  Vicki reported

that it was decided that all employees, including literacy staff, would continue to get their step increases through

the end of 2008.  On Jan. 1, 2009, there will be a freeze on salaries until the board has had time to review and

 pass the new policies.  Larry attended the Literacy Advisory Board.


Update on Director Search: The search was submitted two weeks ago and will close on 11/14/08.


Board Members’ Search:  The county will start to advertise for two open positions on the library board.  Larry is

inquiring if the letters of interest are to be submitted to the county commissioners or directly to the library board.


Use of Library by outside groups:  Larry advised the board that he felt that the library should not be used for a place

of gathering for commercial groups.


Card Catalog:  Larry reported that the card catalog in Ann Zugelder was not ADA compatible and that the staff

therefore, adjusts a computer for ADA compatibility when necessary. 


Library Card Policies:  Kym and Larry are still working on the library card policy.


Benefit package for staff:  Laurel and Bruce are still reviewing various packages.


FOL reports:  Lash reported on CB FOL.  Kym reported that Gunnison FOL has donated $1000 to build up the

 children’s section of the Ann Zugelder Library.


CB Repairs:  Larry will continue to make phone calls to the elevator maintenance company regarding

 the maintenance bill.


Interim Director’s Report:

Staff Holiday party:  After much discussion it was decided to postpone the party until January.

All staff was encouraged to attend the county holiday party on 12/5/08.

Larry and Donna continue to take care of the vouchers so that the county can then pay them.

Larry is writing an internal newsletter that is put out at the first of each month.

He will continue to send brief news bites to the newspapers.

Donna reported that due to the lack of space in the office area of the library she will be working from

home and can be reached by way of e-mail.  She is in the library on Wednesday afternoons.

On 11/16/08 a joint staff meeting of the two libraries was held.

Strategic Planning:  Larry found two books regarding that topic. We will continue to look at dates to

 begin this planning. Lash suggested Margo Levy.

We will continue discussion regarding the matter of extending the hours for the Old Rock Library.


Old Business: Kym reported that she attended CAL and that all of the information that was put out

 at that conference can be reviewed on line.  Jane and Alice will attend the NALA conference.

 Their expenses, including mileage, will be paid. Alice and Kym were reimbursed $1000 each

 for their tuition expenses.


Next meeting date: December 2, 2008 the budget matters and regular meeting issues will be on the agenda.


Adjournment:  At 5:30 Jim moved that the meeting be adjourned.  Bruce seconded the motion.  The motion

 passed unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted,

Marj O’Reilly