May Board Minutes

Gunnison County Library Board Meeting

May 12, 2009

Gunnison Valley Aviation Meeting Room


Board Members Present: Bruce Bartleson, Pat Lazerus, Jim Barron, Kevin McGruther, and Marj O’Reilly

Board Member Absent: Vicki Spencer


Library Director Present: Larry Meredith


Guests Present: Donna Ford, Jane Thomas, Brooke Murphy, Lash Hansborough, Debra Reich, and Paul Duba

Larry introduced Debra Reich as a returning sub on the CB library staff.

Pres. Bruce Bartleson called the meeting to order at 8:35 a.m.

Approval of Agenda:  Kevin made a motion to approve the agenda.  Pat seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

Approval of Minutes: Kevin moved that the April minutes be approved.  Jim Barron seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

Literacy Report:  Larry distributed a copy of Paul’s letter of  resignation from his position as Literacy Program Manager.  Paul reported that the momentum for the program is up and that the evening literacy classes are successful.  As of June 1st, the program in CB will meet at the Parish Center.  There will be no GED classes for this summer. The program needs $30,000.  Paul will continue to seek funding and will train his replacement and help to provide for a smooth transition through June 30, 2009.  Kevin asked Paul for a complete job description.  There was discussion as to the possibility of the Multicultural Resource Center being combined with the Literacy Program. Larry, Bruce, Kevin, Jim, and a member of the literacy staff will meet to make plans regarding the future of the Literacy Program.

Friends of the Library:  Lash from the CB FOL reported that the revision of their Bylaws is near competition.  Their annual meeting will be held in September.  There are 10 people on their board.  Lash reminded us of the Writers/Readers Conference on June 19-June 21.

Larry reported for the Gunnison FOL.  They too are working on Bylaws and also are working to set up library programs for the summer.   Larry thanked both CB FOL and the Gunnison FOL for each of them providing the Library with $1,500 towards the Gates grant-matching fund.

Financial Report:  Donna Ford reported that she received a check from the County for the Property taxes and the past library funds due to us. No longer are library funds housed with the county.  As of now they are in our bank account.  Larry will continue to study previous memorials and endowments to determine how much money is left in these funds and if there is still a directive regarding the spending.

Survey Report: 761 surveys were returned.  The committee with Caroline will provide an analysis of the survey at our June meeting.  At that time the board will have to make a decision as to whether we should have a dedicated mil levy without a tax increase or should we ask for money from the taxpayers in November.




Director’s Report:  Larry asked for approval of a check to be paid to the county for $42,473.60.  Jim made a motion to approve the payment of that request.   Kevin seconded the motion.  No one was opposed.  Motion passed.  Marmot gave us a $525.90 rebate due to their excess revenues. That rebate was applied to our account.

Larry is continuing to seek funds for the Gates Grant Matching Fund.

The award committee composed of Jim, Alice Bob, Sandy, Mark, Nancy and Larry will meet on June 21 to consider aspects of a potential award.

Brooke, Kym, Paul, Kevin and Larry will be attending the Rural Philanthropy Days in Mt. Crested Butte on June 17-19.  Brooke and Kym will ask for funds for the library kids’ program, Paul will ask for funds for the literacy program and Larry and Kevin will request funds for library capital funds.

VanTuyl Estate:  New news to report

Old Business:  No old business

New Business: It was decided to provide Larry with an evaluation of his work after being on the job for 6 months.  The staff and the board will receive the evaluation forms soon and the staff will return their surveys in sealed envelopes to Laurel Bain.  The board will review the staff’s evaluation as well as the their own evaluations at a June meeting. The meeting may be combined with the meeting with Caroline.  Bruce will get back to us with the date of our next meeting.  It will be once again be held at the Gunnison Valley Aviation Meeting Room.

At our June meeting we will make a decision as to an appropriate gift to the Sociology Department in thanks for their services with our survey.

Kevin moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:30.  Pat seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

 Respectfully Submitted,


Marj O’Reilly

Library Board Secretary