June Board Minutes

Minutes from 6/30/08 Library Board meeting

One correction made by Vicki Spencer was made to change Vicki,
Treasurer to:  Treasurer, Vicki Spencer, on behalf of the Finance
Committee recommended:

The library bd. meeting was called to order on Mon. 6/30/08 at 5:20  
in the Ann Zugelder Library by President Marsha Rose.

Members Present: Marsha, Bruce, Carol, Vicki, Larry, and Marj
Member Absent: Jim

The purpose of the meeting was to review the budget.

Carol, Marsha and Vicki met with Melanie Marks to bring us the latest
information regarding the library district's budget.

Melanie had reported to the finance committee the % of $ coming to the
library district from the county.    9.1827 % of the the taxes
collected will be the first disbursement in April.

BRS has been paid for the conceptual plan out of the $50,000 from the
sales taxes. The pkg of info required by the city (traffic study,
wetlands, survey) have been paid.

Treasurer, Vicki Spencer, recommended on behalf of the finance
committee that:  Donna  F. should set up the budget with Quickbook with line item
budget in regard to both revenue and expense budgets.

Our BRS's work should be stopped after the annexation.

The library should have a reserve fund..10% of our revenue budget.

Salaries:For this fiscal year staff will receive the salary increase
based on the county's anniversary date.  As of Jan. 2009, there should
 be a freeze on salaries.

Maintenance service is  filtered through the county; it would be
better if the library did the contracting itself for both libraries.

Literacy Program: Should be accountable to the library with line item
budget.  Should be independent of the library but will
continue to give the literacy funds for this year.

There was discussion based on the transition of the literacy program.  
Bruce and Marsha will discuss this issue with the Hap C. and Matthew B.
Bruce moved that the bd. accept all of the budget recommendations as
purposed by the finance committee.  Larry seconded the motion and it
was approved by the bd.

Vicki made a motion that we authorize Marsha to review     and execute a
contract with Donna F. to perform the scope of work that was discussed
at a previous meeting.  Bruce seconded the motion and the bd. approved

Larry and Marsha will discuss a strategic plan for fund raising.

The strategic planning session on Aug. 15 will be facilitated by
Valerie Horton who is the executive director of the Colorado Library
Consortium.  Our second  strategic session is set for Sept. 12. It  
will be facilitated by  Shelley Walchak who is the Southwest regional
consultant for CLIC and works ouf of Durango.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15.

Respectfullly Submitted,
Marj O'Reilly
Board Secretary