July 2009 Board Minutes

Gunnison County Library Board Meeting

July 16, 2009

Town Meeting Hall in Crested Butte


Board Members Present: Bruce Bartleson, Pat Lazerus, Kevin McGruther, and Marj O’Reilly

Board Member Absent: Vicki Spencer and Jim Barron


Library Director Present: Larry Meredith


Guests Present: Jane Thomas, Lash Hansborough, and Sandra Karas

Pres. Bruce Bartleson called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m.

Agenda stayed as written

Approval of Minutes: Pat moved that the June minutes be approved.  Kevin seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

Friends of the Library:  Sandra Karas from the Gunnison FOL reported that they continue to recruit new members. Their used book sale is Aug. 1, 2009.  They will receive  $1500 from the Community Foundation and then they will present the check to the Gunnison Library District to be used for the matching funds needed for the Gates Foundation.

Lash from the Crested Butte FOL reported that the board has passed the new bylaws.  He has completed the handbooks for the officers and the chair people.  Their used book sale raised over $500.00.  There will be 2 more book sales this summer. 

Financial Report:  Vicki Spencer, treasurer, submitted a financial report on behalf of her committee.  Larry elaborated on a few of the issues.  We are $80,000 short for this calendar year.  The reason is that the budget was based on expected county property taxes and there is a shortage of funds coming in to the county.  January and February 2010, could also have shortages.  Larry and Donna will continue to study the budget.  Larry will be talking with the two library staffs about the budget.  The finance committee will make recommendations at next board meeting.

Larry asked for the board’s approval to pay $44,782.60 to the county for the staff payroll and benefits and maintenance fees for the month of May.  Kevin made a motion to approve the payment.  Marj seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.  Larry is visiting with Matthew Birnie concerning some of the items on the bill.

Literacy:  Five applicants have submitted an application for the position of literacy director.  Not knowing what the grant status is for the literacy program, Larry has decided to put hiring on hold Due to a shortage of funds there will be no family literacy program this fall.

Larry submitted the new personnel policy.  The board will study it and approve it at the next meeting.  Larry will discuss the document with the staff.

Director’s Report:  The necessary funds have been raised for the Gates Matching Grant.  The library will have $13,000 to spend on technology.

Internet Colorado is creating a mesh web for the town of Gunnison.  The library will be part of this so therefore we will have a reduction in services and also fees from Marmot.

Larry will pursue getting a date for Shelley Walchak, Senior consultant for Library Commity Program of Colorado State Library to come here to conduct a strategic planning session for the board.

Larry updated Bruce from BRS on our library district status.

Larry will continue to visit with Somerset about their library situation.

Donna has extended an invitation to all of us to spend a fun Saturday at her home. A date will follow.

Kevin made a motion to approve paying $250.00 to Western State Sociology Department for the survey services that they provided us.  Pat seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.

Old Business:

The lawyer for the Van Tuyl family is asking for all communication to the estate and circumstances and documents responding to it.

New Business:

Larry is contacting other libraries regarding their financing of their library with certificates of participation as a means of funding for the project.

The next meeting will be August 13 at 4:00 in the conference room in the northwest corner of the building of the Family Services Building in Gunnison.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30.

 Respectfully Submitted,


Marj O’Reilly

Library Board Secretary