January Board Minutes

Minutes for Gunnison County Library District

January 6, 2009


Board Members Present:  Vicki Spencer, Bruce Bartleson, Jim Barron, Marj O’Reilly and Director Larry Meredith


Guests Present:  Pat Lazerus, Paul Duba, Laurel Bain, Jane Thomas, Kym McNamara, Donna Ford, and Barbara Crawford


Pres. Bartleson called the library board meeting to order at 3:36 p.m. on January 6th, 2009 at the Ann Zugelder Library in Gunnison.


Approval of Agenda: No changes


Approval of Minutes:  Wording was changed in regard to the purchasing policy.  Vicki moved that we approve the 12/23/08 minutes as corrected.  Jim seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Public Comment: No comments


Budget Report & Discussion:

Vicki and Donna updated the bd. on the line item adjustments that have been made to the budget in preparation for submission to the DoLA (Department of Local Affairs).  Vicki moved that the bd. accept this 2009 budget for presentation to DoLA . (Dept of Local Affairs).  Jim seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.


Bank Account Report and Discussion: 

Donna reported that the library district has an account at the Gunnison Bank and Trust. As of January 1, 2009, the payments for the incoming vouchers would be taken care of by the library district. The bd. will follow the purchasing policy that was voted on at the last meeting.  Any voucher over $1000 would require bd. approval before the payment is issued. Larry asked for the approval of two bills: (1) $2,802.80 for Brodart Co., and (2) $2500 for the survey charge to Pearson Survey Co.  Marj made a motion to approve payment of the two purchases.  Vicki seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Two credit cards for certain district purchases will be issued by Gunnison Bank and Trust.  Larry in Gunnison will keep one and the other will be issued to the Literacy Action Program.  The district’s purchasing policy will apply to credit card purchases.


Literacy Report:

Paul reported that the classes have started in Crested Butte and will start soon in Gunnison.  The fund raising for 2008 went well.


Policies and Procedures:

Larry submitted the latest copy of the policies and procedures.  Vicki moved that the bd. accept the latest version of the Policies and Procedures with the option for the board to submit minor edits regarding typos and font.  Jim seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.




Insurance Report and Discussion:

Larry brought up the issue of the library district needing insurance for general liability and also for the contents of the two libraries.  Jim moved that the bd. approve the Resolution authorizing the purchase of insurance from the Colorado Special District Property and Liability Pool. (Resolution on file in the Director’s office.  Marj seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.  Larry will continue to check out other policies as well as payment plans.


Mission and Vision Statements Report and Discussion: 

Jim suggested that “and ethnicity” be inserted into the first statement of the mission statement.

After the board has had more time to review the mission and vision statements, they will be presented for approval at a later date.


Campaign Update:

Layne Nelson has been offering ideas to Bruce and Larry in regard to developing a time line and campaign structure for us. It was suggested that Layne be invited to one of our future board meetings. The sociology dept. at Western under Caroline Mitchell’s guidance will create and conduct a survey for the board.  Larry, Jim, Bruce, and Kym will make up  an ad hoc campaign committee.  Bob Puglisi and others will be asked to join the group.


Legal Matters Update:

The Bill of Sale with Appendix “A” and Appendix “B” transferred the ownership of the contents of the Ann Zugleder Library from the county to the library district.  The lease agreement between the county and the library district for the Ann Zugelder library will continue for the next 20 yrs. with no charge to the library district.  Larry will meet with Susan Parker in Crested Butte in regard to the lease agreement of the Old Rock Library.

Memorandum of Agreement:  After much discussion in regard to Article 5 Section 5.3 Indemnification, the board asked Larry to discuss our concerns with Michael O’Loughlin.


FOL Matters Update:

Barbara Crawford (CB FOL) reported that they would be hosting Peter Bridges as a speaker for their winter speaker series.  The date will be announced later. The Readers’ & Writers’ Conference is scheduled for 6/19/09-6/21/09.  Barbara asked for a more accurate account of how monies that are given to the Old Rock Library are dispersed. Donna Ford is working on developing details in the budget with line item expenditures and incomes.

Larry reported that the Gunnison FOL is working on their budget, requests and board guidelines.


Interim Director’s Report:

It was read and discussed.  No further action was taken on any of the issues. Larry reported that the Community Foundation of Gunnison Valley gave a $100 check to the Old Rock Library on behalf on the recommendation of Kay and John Baziel to be used for general support.  Larry has written a thank you note.  Larry informed the Board of the February Consortium meeting sponsored by CLiC.  It will be held in Grand Junction.


Other Old Business:


New Business:

Jim suggested that papers printed for the board should be back sided.








Next meeting date: 

The next board meeting will be on Feb. 3, 2009 at 3:30 at Ann Zugelder Library.  After the ad hoc campaign committee meets, there may be a need for another meeting.



Pres. Bartleson adjourned the meeting at 5:50 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted:


Marj O’Reilly