February Board Minutes

Minutes for Gunnison Valley Library District

February 3, 2009


Members Present: Bruce Bartleson, Vicki Spencer, Jim Barron, and Marj O’Reilly

Library Director Larry Meredith


Guests Present: Layne Nelson, Kym McNamara, Donna Ford, Paul Duba, Pat Lazerus and Kevin McGruther


President Bruce Bartleson called the library meeting to order at 3:35 on 2/3/09 in the Ann Zugelder Library.


Approval of Agenda:  Larry asked that Item 8 be moved up to the #4 position.


Approval of Minutes: 

Larry made corrections on four paragraphs: credit card, budget preparation. 

Bill of Sale, and donation of check for Old Rock. The minutes were corrected.  Vicki made a motion to approve the minutes.  Jim seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.


Campaign Update:

Larry suggested that as of now we continue to make plans to proceed as if we are going to the voters in November. We need to soon be thinking of forming campaign committees. Layne Nelson shared her experience with the school district campaign.  She emphasized that the survey would provide valuable  information as to how the community felt in regard to specific issues for the library. She shared ideas concerning marketing companies and their charges and their services. She feels that we are still on an appropriate time line.


President Bruce reviewed the two issues ahead of us: We go on the ballot to ask for funding approximately $6000,000 to operate as a library district.  The second issue would be to go to the voters to ask for a new library.

It was mentioned that the county might give us the mil levy that they are currently receiving so that then we would only have to ask for the remainder on a mil levy.

A decision will have to be made as to whether we ask for property taxes or sales taxes. Caroline from Western State will prepare the survey.


Literacy Report:

Paul introduced himself and explained his role to the prospective board members.

He reported that his fund raising for 2008 equaled $138,000. His total expenses are unknown as of now due to the recording keeping of the county. He has changed the literacy computer system from the county to GL. This change equates for a sizable savings to the program.  His class enrollment is strong.  He continues to work with Health and Human Services.  The classes are free but there is a registration fee of $25.00, but this fee can be waived.  The Literacy Program is  a member of the Chamber of Commerce.


Larry will have the Library District join the Chamber of Commerce.  On 2/12 the library district and the literacy program are hosting Business/Chamber After Hours from 5:00 to 7:00 at the Old Rock Library.  Refreshments will be served and raffles will take place.  The Board Members are invited to attend.


FOL Report:

Larry reported that the CB Friends would let us use their mailing list for our campaign mailings.  He will talk with them about monies for our campaign as we can’t use tax dollars for campaigning.

Gunnison FOL –No report  Larry will discuss with them about the possibility of hosting programs for the community.



Treasurer Vicki suggested that we should have our meetings near the end of the month so that we are able to receive the county budget report.  They have a 4 to 6 week lag time.  The county gave the library $150,000 in advance for the fund balance for operating capital. $12,000 on the insurance premium.  Some of the monies were used for magazine subscriptions and additional book expenses.

The county suggested that the library employees who work 75% of full time go on salary.  The others stay on hourly wage.


Mission and Vision Statement:

Discussion on the mission and vision statements took place. Larry will continue to make small edits on both statements. Vicki suggested a phrase be developed  for marketing.  Marj moved that the mission statement and the vision statement be approved after the minor typos are edited. Jim seconded the motion.  Jim and Marj voted to approve the motion. Vicki cast a nay vote.  Motion passed with  2 to 1 majority.





Directors’ Report:

Larry, Bruce, and Paul visited Montrose and learned that they have a full time fundraiser. Larry would like to take the library staff to visit Montrose Library. Larry, Bruce and Paul visited Summerset and listened to their concerns for a library in their area.   The friends from CB are willing to provide books and Paula Swenson said that the county might be able to help them technology. 


In our strategic planning we will need to define goals for the campaign.


Library Card Application form is ready.


Larry will be working on an annual report  in regard to budget, salaries, etc. which has been asked for by the CO Association of Libraries.  He reported on the ’08 statistics for both libraries.  This will be published for the community to read.

Larry asked for the bd to approve a bill for $43,000 from Marmot for their services provided.  Vicki approved that the bill be paid.  Jim seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.  Larry also asked for bd. approval for a bill from the CO Library Consortium for $1,916.25.  They provide the courier service for transporting books to our libraries.  Marj moved that the bill be paid.  Vicki seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Old Business:

Donna filed the report to DOLA.


New Business:

Treasure Vicki reported on the CO Statues regarding the Commercial Bank Protection Code.  It requires a custodian.  Marj made a motion that Vicki as treasure and Bruce as president sign as the official custodians for this code.  Jim seconded the motion.  Vicki will continue to study the statutes in regard to this code.  The motion passed unanimously.


Next Meeting:

The March meeting will be held in Crested Butte in the CB Town Hall in the junior room#2 on March 18 at 3:30.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:15.


Vicki made a motion to go into executive session.  Jim seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.

The Bd. moved to come out of executive session at 6:00.