The Gunnera gallery:

subgenus Milligania

Images and an introduction to the plant family Gunneraceae

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This is a small-leaved subgenus of rosette forming herbs found in New Zealand and Tasmania. These species produce stolons from the axils of leaves.

At left & below, Gunnera mixta, one of the few pinnately veined species of Gunnera, is shown while in flower at the UC Berkeley Botanic Garden, April 2007.

Gunnera monoica [mis-labelled as dentata!], also from UC Bot Garden April 2007

Gunnera hamiltonii with stolon. Photographed in the Golden Gate Park Botanic Garden, 1994
(the plant is no longer living)

For more information on most of the species in this subgenus, consult H. Allan's Flora of New Zealand, an on-line version is here. A single species Gunnera cordifolia occurs on the island of Tasmania.




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