The Gunnera gallery:

Images and an introduction to the plant family Gunneraceae

Plant parts





This close view of the inflorescence of Gunnera tinctoria shows how reduced the flowers are. The red sturctures are anthers (which produce pollen), and these form first in the spring on the basal part each lateral branch, subseqeuntly the feamle parts of som flowers and some unisexual female flowers will form towards the time of each branch.

Left: Flowers of Gunnera killipania (=G. insignis), UC Berkeley Botanic Garden, Apr. 2007.

Right: flowers of Gunnera mixta, on of the small Milliganiaor New Zealand, UC Berkeley Botanic Garden, Apr. 2007

For some flowers of Hawaiian G. petaloidea, try here
& some flowers of G. macrophylla, here, also from the photos of Dr.G. Carr, University of Hawaii




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