The Gunnera gallery:
subgenus Gunnera (or Perpensum)

Images and an introduction to the plant family Gunneraceae

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A single species of Gunnera is found sporadically in East Africa, South Africa and Madagascar.

Pictured above, the leaves of Gunnera perpsensa are just emerging from the perennating rhimome (UC Berkeley Botanic Garden, April 2007).

 This the was the first species of Gunnera to some to attention of botanists and provided the type species for Linnaeus, who named the Genus in 1767 in honour of Johan Ernst Gunnerus (1718–1773)  a Norwegian Bishop and a botanist, who wrote the Flora norvegica (1766–1772).

The rhizome of this Gunnera perpensa has traditional medicinal uses in Southern Africa, where a preparation from the rhimzomes is used during the third trimester of pregnancy to assist with an easier deliver. It is also considered to aid in fetal development. It is also used in veterinary practice to expell the placenta. It reported to be given to women to relieve menstrual cramps. See more Information here.

Information on this species and another picture can be found here, provided by the South African National Biodiversity Institute. For another image see this.




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