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High-throughput phenotyping with OneWorm

Automated Behavioral tracking

OneWorm particle tracking and analysis software (Matlab) is used to conduct automated, high-throughput analysis of behavior. Currently OneWorm is being used to analyze swimming behavior of freely moving C. elegans nematodes. OneWorm analysis can be used to differentiate swimming differences even when they are subtle.

High-throughput lifespan analysis

CHRONOS high capacity lifespan analysis pipeline and software (Matlab) increases our ability to conduct lifespan analysis tenfold. Chronos can be used to conduct manual and robotic lifespan analysis. The goal of the current project is to identify natural genetic variations, which affect lifespan of the nematode C. elegans.

Automated dynamic cellular fluorescence quantification

The "Intensity" (Matlab) package was developed to track a cell of interest and quantify dynamic changes in the intensity of a visible reporter. Currently the program is used to quantify calcium transients reported by GCaMP levels in a single C. elegans neuron.

Reproductive biology

mating resistance

mate searching and feeding

fertility maintenance