2019-07-14 5th Dual MyShare Event

5th Dual MyShare Event Sunday July 14th: Episode 1

Both Saitama and Gunma gathered their best and most willing to participate in the Saitama leg of the 2019 MyShare.

Daniel Hooper12-year veteran educator and current lecturer at the English Language Institute at Kanda University focused on first-hand perspectives of teachers who have transitioned between eikaiwa and university-based teaching environments.
Saitama JALT member, Azalia Zaharuddin presented her findings showing that translation, when used in moderation, can prove more beneficial for student attitude than classes taught completely in L2.

Isobel Hook spoke about the challenges of adapting Japanese schools to suit a more culturally and linguistically diverse student body and how this connects to the reality of the increasing number children being raised bilingually. 

Heather McCulloch, who has been teaching English since 2000, will gave some teaching tips on making inferences. She presented six lesson ideas ranging from quick and simple to complex and challenging.

John Larson, Isesaki High School English teacher, lead a short discussion on how attendees manage the seemingly impossible task of accurately assessing communication skills.

Sakurgi Kominkan, Lecture Room 2

シーノ大宮センタープラザ 桜木公民館

Sunday July 14th, 2PM to 5PM

Sunday July 14th, 2PM to 5PM 

If you need a ride, contact John at gunmajalt+myshare@gmail.com