2018/01/21 Tomoko Yoshida

Integrating Intercultural Communication in the University Language Classroom
by Tomoko Yoshida, Ph.D.

Culture influences the way we think and behave; much of what we think of as “common sense” is governed by culture. As a result, to communicate effectively in a foreign language we must understand the target culture. Unfortunately, most universities offer instruction on foreign language and culture in separate classrooms. In this two-hour workshop, the author began by introducing a theoretical framework for planning a content-based language class on intercultural communication. Participants then explored and experienced numerous experiential learning activities that can be used in their own classrooms.

Tomoko Yoshida was born and raised in the Philippines where she lived in an international community and attended the International School in Manila. When she was five she lived in New Zealand for one year and when she was eleven, she lived in California for one year. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the International Christian University in Tokyo, a Master’s degree from Syracuse University in New York, and a Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Tomoko has been teaching and training in the field of Intercultural Communication for over 23 years. Prior to her current position, she was Training Director at the ITT Sheraton Hotels in Hawaii and Project Fellow at the East West Center. She has numerous publications including Intercultural Communication Training: An Introduction (1994), Improving Intercultural Interactions (1994), Ibunka Training, 2nd Edition (1998), and Academic Writing Nyumon 2nd Edition (2016). She has published extensively through the International Journal of Intercultural Relations and serves as the English editor of the Journal of Intercultural Communication. She is currently a Vice-President of SIETAR (Society of Intercultural Education Training and Research) Japan and is a Fellow of IAIR (International Academy of Intercultural Relations).

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