What is JALT?

  • A professional organization with over 3.000 members dedicated to the improvement of language learning and teaching.
  • A vehicle for the exchange of ideas and techniques about language education.
  • A resource center for information on study programs and job opportunities

Affiliated with other organizations such as: 
  • TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • IATEFL International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) 
  • The Japan Science Council
  • The Japan Association for Improving English Education
  • TESOL Korea, TESL Canada, Thai TESOL. California TESOL
  • Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching (AJET) Program
If you ...
  • teach a foreign language in Japan or abroad 
  • teach Japanese as a second language 
  • are interested in language research 
  • want new ideas for your classroom
  • would like to learn more about cross-cultural research
  • run a foreign langugage school
  • train other language teachers
...then JALT has something for you!

JALT members come from diverse backgrounds. Although a majority teach English, many are students and teachers of other languages. JALT members range from preschool instructors to graduate school professors, from individuals who have just begun their teaching careers fo veterans with extensive experience. At this time a majority of JALT members live in Japan, but more and more people from other countries are joining JALT to network with other language educators and receive its outstanding publications. 

How do I join JALT?

  1. Just follow the directions here. Easy as pie.
The easy way
  1. Come to any of the Gunma JALT monthly meetings or Summer Workshop and you can register right away. The membership chair will help you with the application. It really is easy.
The less easy way (in Japan)
  1. Go to any post office and request a postal transfer form (yubin furikae). This form is also available on the back page of any issue of The Language Teacher.
  2. Remit the correct amount to the JALT Postal Account (Yokohama 00290-1-70903)
  3. Be sure to indicate your complete mailing address, phone, and fax, and the type of membership you are applying for.
  4. The Cental Office will process your application within two weeks and you will start receiving JALT publications within six weeks.
Join outside of Japan
  1. Mail an international money order in Japanese yen for the appropriate amount directly to the JALT Central Office.
  2. Indicate your complete mailing address,phone, fax, and type of membership you want.

How much is membership?

    • Regular member: 13,000 yen 
    • Five-year membership: 52,000 yen 
    • Joint member (2 people who share the same address): 10,500 yen per person 
    • Student member: 7,000 yen 
    • Group member: (8,500 yen per person for a group of 5 or more; one copy of each publication is sent to the group address) 

What do I get for my money? 

    • JALT's monthly magazine, The Language Teacher, including feature articles, teaching tips, reviews, meeting and conference announcements, and job advertisements. 
    • The JALT Journal, containing practical and theoretical articles and research reports. 
    • Discounts on registration fees for the annual national conference, as well as advance conference information. 
    • Attend Gunma Chapter meetings for free. 

13,000 is too much! I'm a teacher (or student) for goodness sake!

JALT Gunma Local Membership Option
For an annual payment of 4,000 yen you may become a local member of JALT Gunma. You will be part of the JALT Gunma teaching community and will be able to exchange your ideas with other teachers in JALT Gunma. Annual local members of JALT Gunma will receive an official JALT membership card. 
However, they will not receive any of the normal benefits associated with national membership except the right to attend monthly meetings for free. Local members may subscribe to SIGs and receive their publications by contacting the SIGs directly. 

Other options 
Subscription to JALT publications: 8,000 yen 
Additional Special Interest Groups (SIGs): 2,000 yen each (open to JALT members). 

Outside of Japan --
Regular membership with publicaitons vis surface mail: 10,500 yen
Regular membership with publications via air mail to these locations:
  • Asia - 12,250 yen
  • Africa & South America - 14,500 yen
  • Other overseas locations - 13,500 yen

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