2018/11/11 Asako Kajiura

Classes for Low Level Learners: Management Techniques and Classroom Methods
by Asako Kajiura

Typical teaching materials, teaching techniques, and tests developed for the “average” college student cannot meet the social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of each student. Many teachers, Gunma JALT members among them, often find themselves asking how they can provide an education that includes the needs of challenged students, yet many cannot find any effective answer. It is an undeniable reality that a lot of Japanese universities are now accepting numerous students who have minimal language and study skills. Kajiura introduced class management techniques and teaching methods she uses for extremely low-performing college students. The techniques and methods are based on her seven-year-experience with teaching reading and writing to students who have learning disorders, various developmental disorders, and/or low self-esteem. Instead of using a designated textbook, Kajiura utilizes graded readers that students choose. Each student proceeds at her or his own level. The reader becomes the source of grammar skills and writing development. The class also teaches students soft skills such as punctuality, typing, and general responsibility. Such lessons are necessary for their successful inclusion into the university environment. Gunma JALT attendees left with a better understanding of how to provide individualized instruction to students who are struggling with both English and college life. Asako Kajiura is an English teacher at Niigata University of Rehabilitation, where she teaches medica

l English for rehabilitation specialists. She also works as a part-time teacher for another private university, where she has been teaching reading and writing to extremely low level students for seven years.

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