2015 Kusatsu Workshop

The 26th Annual Workshop in Kusatsu - August 20th and 21st
Featuring Dr. Mark Pegrum - Mobile Language Learning

Workshop 1: Where are Today's Technological Trends Taking Us? 
This two-part seminar gives an overview of emerging and future developments in educational technologies, suggesting that the adoption of new technologies will largely be determined by their fit with ongoing educational trends. 
This first part of the seminar will focus on the technological context. It will highlight key hardware and software developments: we’ll look at technologies carried by humans, including mobiles, wearables, and embeddables/implantables; we’ll look at independently or semi-independently mobile technologies like smart vehicles, drones and robots; and we’ll look at the way the mobile ecosystem connects to a larger, mostly stationary ecosystem, with particular emphasis on the internet of things. We’ll then go on to look at technological trends in the form of changing patterns of usage, covering: natural user interfaces; augmented reality; big data; and empathic systems. We’ll finish by raising some questions about artificial intelligence. 
This focus on the technological context will lead into a focus on the educational context in the second part of the seminar.

Workshop 2: Where are Today's Educational Trends Taking Us?
Following on from the focus on the technological context in the first part of this seminar, the second part will turn to the educational context.
The emphasis will be on ongoing educational trends and how these are likely to intersect with the technological developments and trends covered in the first part. We’ll look at educational shifts towards: contextualisation of learning (enabled, notably, through augmented reality), personalisation of learning (through big data and learning analytics), diversification of learning (through Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs), student 
support (through virtual assistants), student engagement (through gaming and gamification), student creativity (through makerspaces), and wider collaboration (through digital networking).

Dr. Pegrum is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at The University of Western Australia, where he specialises in mobile learning and, more broadly, e-learning. His teaching has been recognised through Faculty and University Excellence in Teaching Awards, as well as a national Australian Learning & Teaching Council (ALTC) Excellence in Teaching Award. His current research focuses on mobile technologies and digital literacies. His recent books include: Brave New Classrooms: Democratic Education and the Internet (co-edited with Joe Lockard; Peter Lang, 2007); From Blogs to Bombs: The Future of Digital Technologies in Education (UWA Publishing, 2009); Digital Literacies (co-authored with Gavin Dudeney & Nicky Hockly; Pearson/Routledge, 2013); and Mobile Learning: Languages, Literacies and Cultures (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014). He is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments, a member of the Editorial Boards of Language Learning & Technology and System, and a member of the Review Panel of the International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning. He currently teaches in Perth, Hong Kong and Singapore, and has given presentations and run seminars on e-learning and m-learning in Australia and New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East, the UK and Europe, and South America. Further details can be found on his wiki at http://e-language.wikispaces.com/mark-bio. 















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Price Packages:

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The standard package includes two workshops, two meals, and shared lodging* 

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C) Other


Arrangements can be made for families, couples, etc. Please inquire during registration.

Hotel rooms are shared with two or three other participants.
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Registration deadlines are June 30, and July 31, or until we reach the maximum of 30 participants. Cancelations after July 31st will incur a ¥3000 penalty.

Presenters Wanted:
We have four, 30 minute slots for attendee presentations. 
Please contact Michele Steele at gunmajalt+program@gmail.com. 

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