2017/04/23 Steve Jugovic

Insights from NeuroELT for you and your Classroom
by Steve Jugovic

Many teaching certifications typically include various instructional approaches and methods but often exclude the students’ important cognitive processes of how actual learning takes place. Why do students have difficulty sitting and concentrating for extended periods or forget recently taught content so quickly? Is the student staring out the window as a result of boredom, a limited attention span or actually consolidating the information? Over the past decade or so, advances in neuroimaging technology have given us significantly greater understanding of the human brain, leading to the emergence of Mind, Brain and Education, Science (MBE). Further to this, NeuroELT - where neuroscience informs language teaching, is providing valuable content and supporting teachers in Japan and abroad through the JALT Brain SIG and FAB conferences.

As NeuroELT relates to MBE, this session was applicable for a variety of teaching contexts. Amongst the broad spectrum of research areas, the presenter included topics regarding the crucial keys to learning-attention and memory, the importance of intermittent movement, exercise and other biological aspects such as sleep and nutrition. Gunma JALT members' questions, comments, and discussion were so enthusiastic that Jugovic didn't even get to his great workshop conclusion! Through this interactive presentation  all attendees moved a little and were able to transfer and retrieve the information they received - all vital NeuroELT learning skills!

Steve Jugovic
is an Associate Professor and English Program Coordinator at Biwako Seikei Sport College and has presented at numerous conferences, mostly throughout Asia. His research interests include materials design, CLIL, integrating movement in the classroom, student motivation and various Mind, Brain and Education Science themes such as emotion, attention and memory, movement and health. Based in Japan, he is involved with NeuroELT, the application of neuroscience to English language teaching.

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