2015/10/18 Stephen Howes

Towards a better blend
by Stephen Howes

In the past 5 years, many schools around the world have been rushing to introduce technological devices in the hope of developing an e-learning environment, particularly for blended learning. In some cases, this has happened at a pace greater than the desires of the staff, leading to negative attitudes and ill-prepared implementation. In 2013, Brisbane Grammar School in Australia created the Blended Learning Design Research Team to develop a framework for teachers to complete a successful transition from their current traditional pedagogy to a new pedagogy based on e-learning tools and systems. 

This presentation will first outline the formation of the team and the goals and expectations of the staff. It will then focus predominantly on my experimentation with various software and the feedback I received from students, and in the process introducing the participants to a plethora of tools. The outcomes of the team's efforts will be discussed as well as an update of the current state of use. Even though the information and data was retrieved from a high school context, it may be useful to any institution that utilizes, or wishes to utilize, a technology-supported environment.  I will be engaging the participants in various online activities during the course of the presentation that will require the use of either a smartphone or computer.

Stephen Howes is a full time teacher of English at Tokyo Seitoku University Fukaya High School and Junior High School.  He took up this position in April 2015 and is the sole native speaker of English in the school.  Prior to this, Stephen taught conversational English in the corporate environment in Japan for almost 8 years, before returning to Australia at the end of 2008 to take a position as a teacher of Science and Japanese at Brisbane Grammar School.  Stephen was heavily involved in the e-learning development and implementation in a 1:1 tablet environment, in particular the trialling of blended learning. In addition to Science and Education degrees, he has a Masters of Applied Linguistics from the University of Southern Queensland and is particularly interested in sociolinguistics, etymology and technology-assisted language learning.  <stakemjomia@gmail.com>


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