2016/05/29 Third Annual Gunma-Saitama MyShare Event

Saitama Chapter welcomed six presenters from Gunma in this first-half of the Saitama-Gunma Dual My Share. Now Gunma will host speakers from Saitama!

Logical Directives 
by Jonathan DeNardis
A replacement for the be-verb/auxiliaries. Logical Directives are a new way of teaching the hard-to-teach helping verbs. By using a combination of simple techniques and theories, watch your students opinions of class change from helpless to confident. 
Jonathan DeNardis can be reached at Jonathan@hardlyenglish.com

Building Friendly Classroom Communities
Sandra Wigmore & Florence Ito Valderama
This presentation will help teachers to explore the role of creativity in the classroom, both in the sense of helping students to express their unique creative identity, and also by helping them to think about and use language creatively, through a series of specially designed classroom activities using manipulatives. The activities presented will be suitable for a broad range of students, from lower to high levels, and can be used alongside your course materials.
Sandra Wigmore & Florence Ito Valderrama can be reached at sandra.wigmore@gmail.com and renz17vito@gmail.com respectively

Maebashi Kyoai Gakuen College

Maebashi Kyoai Gakuen College
Building 3, 3rd Floor, Room 3101
1154-4 Koyaharamachi
Maebashi, Gunma 379-2121

May 29th, 2016
2 to 4:30PM