Welcome to GungFu School  


Here we specialise in traditional kung fu / wushu where we keep the true essence of the old ways. We believe in set principles, values and moral code of ethics that we follow within our martial arts. Like the term gungfu which refers to one's expertise achieved through hard work.  We practise:
Forms,  Nei gung, Chi gung , Conditioning   Dynamic Tensions Drills, Traditional Weapons   Drills

Ideal for all levels of fitness, skill and ages. The Chinese martial arts that we practise are Ermei Mantis.
 Gungfu practitioners fully understand that in learning gungfu you gain alot more than an understanding of
different cultures and etiquette. If you invest properly you learn it 
transcends alot of boundaries and can be applied to your everyday life as the work ethic bestowed can transfer to all walks of life. Such characteristics and qualities are :
Patience - Discipline - Confidence - Compassion - Chivalry   Dedication - Loyality - Humility - Strong Work Ethic - Structure

 If this interests you contact us at 07958877132 or gungfukwoon@live.co.uk and for details of venue on prices, click the classes link on the side bar.

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