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     One example that guns should be more strictly controlled is from an event that happened earlier this year: the Aurora shooting. The LA Times wrote an article involving gun control and had this to say about the incident: "The gun-control argument has its limits. Holmes, though he may look deranged at court appearances, had never done anything that would have disqualified him from legally buying a gun. So the kinds of measures sought by gun-control advocates, such as closing the gun-show loophole that allows used-gun sellers to transfer guns without any federal background check, really wouldn't have made any difference: Holmes passed two background checks. Moreover, gun laws vary so radically from one state to another that if you can't buy in gun in your state, you can just cross the border to a more-permissive one next door. And Holmes is reported to have compiled much of his arsenal over the internet. Yes, it would be possible to solve some of these problems. Holmes passed the federal background check because he had never been involuntarily committed to a mental institution or ruled mentally unfit by a court. Yet he had been seeing a psychiatrist...Meanwhile, there is the incident in Sparks, in which a theatergoer appears to have put the armed patron theory into practice -- and unwittingly demonstrated what really happens when untrained people are allowed to run around in public with deadly weapons. During a showing of "The Bourne Legacy," a 56-year-old man with a concealed weapons permit shifted in his seat. His shooting iron fell to the floor, went off and shot him in what for some gun enthusiasts seems to be the thinking organ. Fortunately, neither he nor anyone else was seriously hurt; he was able to stand up, apologize to the audience and make his way to a local hospital." The arguments to be made here are that the current background checking system is not strict enough and the states are too diversified on the matter to make any real progress towards the problem at hand.
Robert Spitzer, political science professor of CUNY Cortland is a prominate gun control advocate and he notes that "states with stricter gun laws tended to have lower crime rates." This point is supported by the fact that in 2008, 14,180 people were murdered. Out of those murder victims, 9,484 people were killed with firearms. That is roughly 64% of the murders. With this point also comes the point that in 2009, 2,793 children were killed from gun violence. If we made it more difficult for these murderers to get a hold of the guns, crime rate could considerably go down. One way we could do this is to close the gun show loophole. The gun show loophole is where individuals that are not registered firearm dealers aren't required to check the buyer's background. This varies state to state, as some states (CA, CO, IL, NY, OR, RI) require background checks on all sales of firearms, while 33 other states haven't made any attempt to close this lophole.
This Senator Schumer helps reaffirm these points in the video below.
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