Guncle Aaron
...everybody's favorite gay uncle

i got the nickname "guncle aaron" shortly before or after i moved onto the bushwick boat. (yes, i live on a boat in a canal in brooklyn)

why guncle?  because i am like the gay uncle here on the ferry.

why a google site?  my plan is to document all of the many things i do, places i go, people i know and people i meet.  it is an exciting and pregnant time here in the bushwick/east williamsburg part of brooklyn.  there is a wealth of creativity and experience that really needs to be documented.  and i live on a boat and within a great community of people.  my shipmates are quite a cast of characters - beautiful, talented and very, very funny.

so please,

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running entries:

15 jan 10: started the portraits gallery
15 jan 10: added a
blog page and first entry Smoke @ The Chelsea Museum
15 jan 10: completed 2009 Photo Review Page.