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New service:

Programme to hone expression skills through writing. Acquire professional like ability to write articles, short stories, photo-articles etc. Success comes to those who can convey their thoughts concisely and precisely.

The program is conducted by email/Skype contact. You can contact me ( PK ) on phone or email. Phone 011-41730043, email:


Gunas Publishing

Let your manuscript become a book in the international market

 We shall convert your work into a saleable book and put it on the international market through We have already done it for these books that have come out recently:

  These books are available today on and some on too.
We are now joining hands with an ebooks company to make selected books available as ebooks.
For more details of the authors and their books please visit these two sites:

Books in the English language alone are being accepted.

The copyright remains yours.

For every copy sold, you shall be paid a royalty of minimum US$ 2. This can go upto $5-6  also depending on the final selling price fixed for the book taking its size and character.

How do we do it?

Just follow these few steps...........


Step 1:

Send us your final manuscript on a CD.

If you are not in a position to give us a CD, we shall be glad to make a proper CD for you from your handwritten manuscript.

We shall go through it. If there is nothing controversial in the contents such as politically incorrect statements or stuff considered morally unsocial, we shall accept it for publishing.

If the manuscript requires any changes or editing  to meet the standards of the international market, we shall inform you accordingly.

The final decision to publish your book is yours. If you ask us to go ahead by using whatever material you supply to us, we shall gladly do so.

Pictures and illustrations are accepted.

Step 2:

The manuscript material is to be sent to:

By email as Word Doc attachment:

Pictures should be in JPEG format


By  regd post/courier to

Gunas Publishing, S-164 Greater Kailash Part 1, LGF,

New Delhi 110048. India.

phone: 011-41730043


Step 3:Note: Before you go ahead, we would like to make clear that we are using the Amazon portal to launch your book. We have no control over the actual marketing and selling. Please visit the site, satisfy yourself about the possibilities and then alone join hands with us.

Register with us for our services to go ahead.


Step 4:

  -  We shall get an ISBN number assigned to your title. ( This ISBN number is required to make your book available in the international market through Amazon and other booksellers and becomes the code from which catalogues recognize it)

  -  We shall design the covers, both back and front. 2 or 3 alternative designs will be made and sent to you for approval.

  -  We shall ready your manuscript into proper book format for printing and send it ahead for publishing. 

Step 4:

The final book will be sent to .


Step 5:

We shall register your book with and send you a copy of the book. Pl see note below for extra copies.

We shall inform you as soon as the book becomes available on the site.

Note: the book will be published/printed in USA.

Step 6:

We may if acceptable also register your book with A1Books, India for marketing in India as a CD.

Note: The whole process takes 5 - 8 weeks after registration.

Registering with us:

Registering with us is a one-step process.

When we accept your manuscript, we shall give you a Author recognition ref number.  You have to mention this ref number in all further contact.

A fee of US$ 210 is payable for the entire service as explained above.

Of course you pay this in equivalent rupees in today's dollar exchange rate, this is $210x43=Rs 9030.

 This is considering that the book is within the 220-240 pages range. If the book is going beyond 240 pages, then the fee payable is  $ 310.

This amount is to be paid by Bank Demand Draft made payable to

GUNAS, acc with SBI, South ext, New Delhi.

and sent (with a proper covering letter giving your reference number) to Gunas Publishing, S-164, Greater Kailash Part 1, LGF

New Delhi 110048

Phone: 011-41730043

Kind attn of Mr Pradeep Maheshwari.

Important Note:

In today's world book scene, there are many books being launched everyday. There is no guarantee that sales will happen automatically if at all. New writers need to take the entire process hopefully but also note that there are no certainties and we make no promises on this score.

Other services (optional):

 -  EXTRA COPIES. If you want to have extra copies you would be given the option of purchasing them at the cost price. But every time you want more copies, there are bank transfer and postage/packaging costs involved. Our suggestion would be that you order the extra books when registering  ( minimum 5 copies). The final cost of the manufacturing cost depends on the size/physical properties of the book. This we can let you know only later.

  -  If you want us to get the hand written manuscript typed out on the computer and make the CD as needed, we charge a service fee of Rs 1000 extra. All you have to do is to send us the manuscript along with the fee and a covering letter requesting us to type it out.

  -  If you want us to edit your book for language and punctuation or content, we shall be happy to do so for you. The fee for this service is US$100 or in rupees Rs 4000 extra.



Let your thoughts go to others through your book