New Publications: 

2016. Edited Manuscript-Fish and fishing in the Bosphorus/Bogaz'da Balik ve Balikcilik, Original manuscript by/orijinal metin  M. Emin Aygen, edited by/yayina hazirlayan Gulsat Aygen.

Fish and Fishing in the Bosphorus-Abstract and Information for English readers

My father's poetic saga: S. Aygen. 1949. "Bir Peri Masali Destani.- Manzum destan."  Ülkü Matbaası: Istanbul.

2016. "Syntax in Seattle," in Watching TV with a Linguist, Kristy Beers Fagersten, Syracuse University Press.

2016. 3rd Edition: English Grammar: A Descriptive Linguistic Approach 

more info on the book: http://www.kendallhunt.com/english_grammar/ 

2015. Languages of Kapalicarsi/Grand Bazaar, JOSAT, v.2.2.

2015. Copular structures as (non)phases in Turkish: synchronic and diachronic perspective. with Atakan Ince and Ozgur Aydin. Ankara Papers in Turkish and Turkic Linguistics, Turcologica 113, Deniz Zeyrek, Çiğdem Sağin Şimşek, Jochen Rehbein and Ufuk Atas (eds.) Harrassowitz Verlag Wiesbaden, pp. 87-98.


Hello, virtual visitors,

This is my personal webpage. Here, you may access my academic and non-academic publications, other areas of interest to me, products of my life's work as well as my new projects and ongoing research . 

        I wear many hats, have expertise in multiple disciplines, and have a variety of interests: theoretical linguist/syntactician, language consultant, expert witness, editor, translator, ESL/EFL/TFL expert, education and language consultant (English,Turkish, Kurdish, among others), life coach, linguistic and cultural coach, alternative health care and preventative medicine buff, human rights activist, animal and nature lover, tree hugger, and MORE... You may contact and/or consult with me on any of these fields of expertise and interests.

        I will be updating this website and adding more components to it on a daily basis. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Gulsat Aygen

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