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Save Our Stewart's

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This 2014 documentary, “Save Our Stewart’s,” chronicles the struggle of the Friends of Castleton Stewart’s to prevent a popular village grocery store from closing. The store is one of the few remaining businesses on Main Street, and its loss is devastating socially and economically for the tiny Hudson River town in upstate New York. It is a powerful film about the people of Castleton-on-Hudson and their protest to save their Main Street store, and ultimately, their community. It starts with a news story and then continues with a rally and other images. Ultimately, the advocates lose the fight, as the store closed on October 27. They are now boycotting the Stewart’s chain and working on solutions to get access to food for disabled and elderly village residents and others who don’t drive. The Friends of Castleton Stewart’s are hoping this documentary goes viral

What's all this about Standing with Castleton and Boycotting Stewart's Shops?

I always loved & admired Stewart's...so why am I advocating a boycott?

Visit the Friends of Castleton Stewart's group on Facebook for details

You can read my Gully Brook Press blog posts on the subject.

You can send tweets to the president of the company, Gary Dake @garykake or @StewartsShops

Finally, you can also visit the Stewart's Facebook page. I was blocked from commenting because I Stood with Castleton!

I am Banned, but not Beaten!