So Gulliver Returns to Help

Commander Lemuel Gulliver XVI lands in California in the year 2025 after a two decade odyssey around the solar system searching for places where Earth's excess population can be settled. He finds no hospitable planet. The overpopulated world has created global warming, a reduction in available fresh water, the reduction of natural resources, an increase in pollution and waste, more wars and increased crime. With his three friends he visits six countries and encounters a number of solutions to society's problems--such as licensing parents to have babies. Some countries are working to solve the world's problems, some are not. 

The globalized world  has more than a few problems, including: the aging population, immigration, the welfare state, education, women's equality, developing well thought out values, motivation, political techniques, eugenics, taxation, and a number of other issues of social concern.  

Gulliver has completed seven of the fourteen books he plans to write about his experiences. He hopes you will join him in working to solve, by reason, the problems that too many want to solve by war.  

The Editor's Synopsis will give you a glimpse of the content of each book. The odd numbered books describe Gulliver's geographical adventures, the even numbered books describe his intellectual adventures--questions that must be answered before a utopian world can evolve.

Books are available on Amazon's Kindle for a $1 fee--or they can be downloaded free below.

Books may be downloaded in doc or in pdf format.

Editors synopsis.docx   Book1Touch down.docx    Book 2 Are we digging our ecological crypt.docx                Book3  A  visit to Kino.docx    Book4 Values.docx    Book5  A visit to Singaling.docx                                     Book6 Our needs and drives.docx    Book7 Our Visit to Indus.docx


Editors synopsis.pdf      Book1 Touch down.pdf      Book2Are we digging our ecological crypt.pdf                   Book3 A visit to Kino.pd      Book4 Values.pdf     Book5 A visit to Singaling.pdf                                                 Book6  Our needs and drives.pdf    Book7 Our Visit to Indus.pdf