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There was a time when even having a home page made colleagues ooh and aah (at least colleagues who knew what the Internet was, anyway).  I've had a home page somewhere on the web since 1994 (and that hardly qualifies me as a pioneer). So here I am in 2006, and now, thanks to Google and others, home pages, indeed, entire web sites, are basically free. 

I've published since 1995, which now costs me about $30 a month to host (along with a mail server and some other stuff). I have a .Mac home page ($8 a month along with other services), a Comcast home page that came with my broadband connection at home, a free Yahoo page (I think... I can't find it, but who doesn't?) and now, a free, 100 MB (it appears) Google web site (to go with my top-secret Blogger test site, a long- and slowly-running experiment in moving my blog off of it's current, aging, blogging product).

Anyway, today I got the nod that I was 'in' (again hardly a pioneer) to Google Pages, so here I am trying out their Javascript web authoring tool (on Firefox 1.5 for Mac - Safari not yet supported). Interesting... will every app be built on AJAX in the future?

Well, coffee break is over... back to work. What to do with a free web site...?