Senior Award Recital 2019

 GCMTA Senior Award Recital

This is a competitive award available by audition to a graduating high school senior music student who has been studying with a GCMTA member for a minimum of one (1) year.  The student must perform in the medium studied with that teacher.  Application forms are available on the GCMTA website or through the GCMTA Vice-President. 

Audition repertoire must be consistent with MMTA Level 12 guidelines, including time limits.  The student will perform three (3) pieces which are representative of at least two (2) historic music periods.  Memorization will also be according to MMTA guidelines.  Students must provide music (no photocopies) to the adjudicator.

An adjudicator who is not a member of GCMTA shall have sole responsibility for determining placement and award amount(s), including the choice to name no winner if performances are not of superior caliber.

Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the recital, and each performer will receive his/her adjudication sheet with written comments, as well as a certificate.  A program of the recital, containing student bios, will also be available.

 Senior Award Contact - Sarah Dukeman 

Recital date:       April 28, 2019

Location and Time:  Bible Fellowship

Entry deadline:   March 28, 2018

Senior award amounts are contingent upon the funds available. 

Senior Awards Recital Application