Gulf Coast Music Festival 2019



The Gulf Coast Music Festival is sponsored by GCMTA and is open to all students of its members.  The students will perform instruments or sing, without electronic amplification*, from memory unless the performance is an ensemble.  A legitimate copy of the print music will be provided to the adjudicator; photo-copied music from copyrighted sources is not allowed.


This event encompasses performance of any classical or traditional repertoire, theatre, popular arrangements, and original scores; lead-sheet format is excluded (please investigate the local jazz association for those opportunities).  Original scores or arrangements by students must be in a professional format (not hand-written).  Music downloaded from copyright-approved internet sites is accepted. 


All pieces are to be a minimum of sixteen (16) measures in length, excluding repeats, and limited to six (6) minutes duration.  The Festival Chair may be contacted for any further repertoire approval if necessary.  The Festival Chair may defer an immediate decision and consult with a member of the Executive Board.


Each student receives a written evaluation of his/her performance from a qualified judge and a certificate showing this rating.  In the event of applicants from various mediums, Festival Chair will confer with Executive Board regarding enlisting additional adjudicators.  Ensemble performances of mixed-level performers will receive an award reflecting the highest level of its members.  The ratings are:

     Superior (90 – 100)        Excellent (80 – 89)          Good (70 – 79)

  Below 70 is designated “Participated”


Students receiving a rating of High Superior (95 – 100) are invited to perform in one of the Honors Recitals held throughout the day.  These run concurrently with the adjudication of other participants, and times will be announced. 


Registration forms for the Festival will be provided separately and must be filled out completely (student’s name, medium, code; teacher’s name on reverse; forms may vary according to performance medium).  Code” references the total number of years a student has been taking lessons (including study before a transfer):                            

   Code 1 :  up to 23 mos.   Code 2 :  2 yrs to 47 mos.   Code 3 :  4 yrs +


Fee for registration is $20 per adjudicated performance.  All registration forms and fees must be submitted to the Festival Chair by the date shown below.  The Festival will take place at MGCCC, Jefferson Davis Campus, Gulfport unless advised otherwise at a later date.


   Music Festival Chair: Bonnie Sheldon 

   Registration Deadline: March 1, 2019

   Festival Date: March 16, 2019