GCMTA Calendar of Events 2017-2018

Where applicable, you will find the ENTRY DEADLINE in parentheses listed below each event.

Thursday, September 14, 2017 – GCMTA Meeting  (9:30 a.m.)   

Location:  Mississippi Music, Inc. Biloxi                                        

   Program: “Orientation: What Are GCMTA's Events About Anyway?”                                               

(Facilitated by GCMTA member)

Saturday, October 21 – GCMTA Group Student Recital (Time: TBA)                                                                     

   Location:  Mississippi Music, Inc. Biloxi      (Entry Deadline: Oct. 7)

   Registration Forms

   Coordinator: TBA

Friday-Saturday, November 4-5 – MMTA State Conference                                                                

   Friday: MTNA Competitions (begin on the state level)

   Saturday: Concerto Competition (begins & ends on the state level)    

   (Entry Deadline: 12:00PM, Sept. 13)

   Location:  Millsaps College, Jackson


Thursday, November 16 – GCMTA meeting (9:30 a.m.)                                                                     

    Location:   Mississippi Music, Inc., Biloxi                                                                                   

   Program:  Panel Discussion:   "Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs”

January 12-15 2018 MTNA Southern Division Competition                                                            

Location:  Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

Saturday, January 20, 2018 – GCMTA meeting - Masterclass & Concert                                                      

Location: TBA                                                                                                                                           

   Piano Masterclass: TBA (Entry Deadline for Masterclass: December 20)            

   Matinee Concert:  TBA

   Registration Form


Thursday, January 25 – Keyboard/Hymn Festival                                                                             

  Location:  First Baptist Church, Pascagoula       (Entry Deadline:  December 8)

Saturday, February  10 – Bach Festival (2017 Brochure)                                                

   Location: Hinds Community College, Raymond, MS

   Paperwork:  Teacher Card   &  Registration Card

   (Entry Deadline: Postmarked on December 15)

Saturday, February 24 – GCMTA Music Festival                                                                            

   Location:  MGCCC-JD Campus, Gulfport  (Entry Deadline:  January 24)

   Registration Forms

   Coordinators: Dawn Nelson & Bonnie Sheldon

March 17-21, 2018 MTNA Annual Conference                                                                                             

   Location:  Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Tuesday, April 10 – MMTA Pre-college Workday (9:30 a.m.)                                           

   Location:  Carol Mahler's House

Saturday, April 14 – MMTA Pre-College Evaluations for Gulf Coast District                 

   Location:  MGCCC-JD Campus, Gulfport  (Entry Deadline:  March 14)

   For students in grade 1-12!    Documents and Information

Sunday, April 29 – GCMTA Senior Award Recital (TBA)                                                                                                        

   Location: Bible Fellowship  (Entry Deadline:  March 29)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 3, 4, 5 – Piano Guild Auditions                                                                                             

   Location: MGCCC-JD Campus, Gulfport    (Entry Deadline:  April 10)

Not a member of the American College of Musicians?                                                                                    Contact Martha Mayeu by March 31, 2018 to learn how to participate in Guild.

Saturday, May 19 – MMTA State Finals (Pre-College finalists)  

   Location:  Hinds Community College, Raymond, MS

Wednesday, June 13 GCMTA Meeting/Luncheon  (11:30 a.m.)                                    

   Location:  TBA            Election of Officers