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Amateur License Testing:
The next Quarterly testing for amateur licenses will be on 14 May 2016 at the Gulf County EOC Building at 10 AM. An announcement will be published in the Star for 4 weeks prior to the testing.


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147.300 Audio Delay Board Back In-Line

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The updated 2-port audio delay board is back in service on the 147.300 Repeater. 

220 MHz Links the 147.300 and 146.865 Repeaters

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The repeaters in Port St. Joe and Wewahitchka were improved over the past several weeks and those improvements would not have been possible without Charlie Wooten (NF4A), Steve Floyd (AC4QB), Bernie Pridgeon (KQ4YD), Chris Buchanan (N4XCI), and Jimmy Davis (WR4Z).  NF4A donated 1/2 inch feed line to the club to use on the links and AC4QB installed the feed line along with the antennas in both Port St. Joe and Wewahitchka.  KQ4YD and N4XCI interfaced the 220 MHz transceivers to the repeater controllers and WR4Z assisted in the much needed adjustment of the audio levels. 
Both repeaters have an Alinco DR-235, 220 MHz Transceiver, transmitting 10 watts to a 4-Element Cushcraft at 80 feet.  At this time the links are running full time on both repeaters.    
146.865 W4FFC Repeater with 220 Link

147.300 Audio Delay Board

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The audio delay board for the 147.300 repeater has been removed temporary.  Hopefully we will have a replacement to cover both the repeater and new 220 link port by the end of next week.  Since the board has been removed, you will notice squelch bursts at the end of user transmissions.  Also, users that poll weather conditions from the EchoLink Node may have problems with the DTMF commands being properly decoded by EchoLink, since the controller is not able to filter out the first DTMF tone without the board. 

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