Our Solution

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) :- Desktop PC, All In one PC, Laptop, Server, Printer – Scanner, EPBX, Tally, Tally Server,                                                                                             Networking ( LAN, Wi-Fi), Web Camera, Attendance System, Tonner Refilling, etc.

Experience in OS :- Win 98, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Server 2003, Server 2008, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc.

Website :- Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Static – Dynamic Web Site Designing, Web Application Development, Logo Designing, etc.

Desktop Application :- Remote Monitoring System, Tally Customization etc.

Mobile Application :- Game, Facebook, iPhone App., Black Barry App., Android App., Window Mobile App., etc.

  •             Language Use :- PHP, Java, VB, ASP.NET, C#, AJAX, Flash.
  •             Date Base Use :- My SQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle,

Business Development :-
  •          Internet Marketing: - Facebook, Linked In, Yahoo Group, Google+, Twitter, Bulk SMS Marketing, etc.
  •         Special Training :-
                    Tally: - Admin, Auto Bank Reconciliation, Audit, Online Tally Use, Data Security & Recovery, User Management, Remote Use,                                     Data Synchronized, etc.
                    MS-Office :- MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, MS Outlook, etc.
                    Internet: - Email in Signature, Auto Replay and Auto Forward, Future Mail, Online Share or Data Store Up to 2 GB, Online                                               Word, Excel, Upload Video, Mobile Reminder Gmail, etc.
  •         Training: - MS-Office, Tally, Coral, Photoshop, Flash, PHP, Java, VB, C, C++, ASP .Net, C#, Internet, etc.
  •         Data Security & Management :- R Backup,
  •         Account: - Computer Rise Account, Return Filling, Internal Audit, Statutory Audit, Tax Audit & Planning, Certification, Project         Finance, etc.

Special Service :- Internet Telephony, Corporate Bandwidth, Virtual Toll Free, Remote Video Surveillance, Conferencing Solutions