Guitar Perfect Tuning Eph-Set: G B Eb G B Eb

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About the Guitar Perfect Tuning: Eph-set G B Eb G B Eb

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Let's present the new fingerboard!

Notes' position
Eph-Set allows to an instrumentalist to have every note or chord everywhere on the fingerboard at the same position and with the same neighbors.

Chords' Diagram

Eph-Set let's you:
- Play the Triads, the Seventh chords, the Ninths, the Elevenths etc. in all keys with the same given diagram for each type of chord.
-Play all major and minor chords with their dedicated diagrams in every scale in the same way.
-Play all types of inversion with their dedicated diagrams in the same way and in every scale.

-Octaves are delimited perfectly.
-Finish with the problem of reference and confusion between frets and strings.
-Frequencies are easily identified and the distance between notes is perfect everywhere on the fingerboard.

Scales and chords' transposition
Eph-Set let's you:

-Play in every scale in the same way.
-Play transpositions from a key to another, without changing the diagrams of Chords (Major and minor chords and inversions etc.

Reading scores

Eph-Set let's you:
-Read scores more easily than in the standard tuning.
-Read easily your score from a key and choose to execute it quietly in that key or another. 

Mute teacher
Eph-Set learns to the player the name of every chord and Degree in the 12 Scales of the music just by knowing some basic diagrams of that chords.

Chords including open strings
-The tuning offers the best use of Chords with open strings.

Eph-Set and the Perfection
-Were you less strong or imperfect in the old tuning ?
Let yourself be perfect  with Eph-set.

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