How it Works

If you're a half-decent guitar player with a clean criminal record

and an ability to be a positive role-model for youth

you volunteer a couple of hours twice a month.

We find new guitars and equipment.

We have a stock of used loaner guitars.

We take a referral for a youth who would benefit

from Guitars For Youth from a community professional.

You bring your own guitar and we provide the youth with a guitar,

meet at a local school

and jam with / teach the student

for an hour or two twice per month.

The used loaner guitars can be borrowed

by the youth from the first day.

You don't need to be a guitar teacher.

If you can play a bit,

jam a bit


teach a bit,

then you have something to offer.

If the student buys-in and shows commitment to the program,

you give the guitar and gear to the student to keep forever.

You and the student continue for as long as you both decide.

... and a guitar player is born!