Pathfinder: Learn to Play the Guitar

Learning to play an instrument is a common dream, and the guitar is the instrument of choice for many.  Perhaps its the images of softly strumming a guitar while sitting on a porch or maybe of rocking it out on a stage in front of screaming fans that spur on your desire, but whatever the reason if you've decided you're ready to learn, this
pathfinder is a great place to start. 
The internet offers lots of resources on learning to play the guitar; however, finding the good
ones can be tough!  Here much of the work is done for you, with key websites and suggestions for additional searching.  Also, it can be easy to think of the library as just a place for fiction books to read or finding information for a school report, but...the library has some of the best resources for learning to play the guitar!

As you navigate this pathfinder you can find out what resources are available if you Visit Your Library (books, magazines, DVDs) or explore online Electronic Resources (free lessons, chord charts, advice, etc.).  You can also check out some general guitar resources in Guitar Facts and Guitar History.  If you've got the time you can also hit Just for Fun!

What is...
If you're new to the world of guitars take a minute to view a glossary (or two or three) of guitar terms.,,

Jump right in...
If you want to head straight to the lessons, start with Visit Your Library or Electronic Resources.

Happy strumming, picking, thrashing, thumping...

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