Clark Huneycutt - A Remembrance
Below is the text of Clark's eulogy, as written and delivered by Jon Heames:
A legend. When someone is so great that their reputation precedes them, that their influence reaches far and wide, that their skills and abilities are discussed with awe and wonder, and their impact upon others is felt immediately and then for years to come - they truly are worthy of the term "legend."

Clark was so much to so many people - a loyal friend, a band mate, a clown, a musician of awesome proportions, a son, a caring and loving pet owner, and so much more - and yet he may not have fully realized how much he meant to so many people over the years. Talented beyond any of his peers, Clark was a musical prodigy in his teens, performing professionally before he was really of age to be in live music venues. Those of us who remember him as a teenager were in awe of his physical maturity, having grown so fast he had stretch marks to prove it! He had facial hair before anyone, needed a bigger football helmet than anyone, could play guitar and drums and sing better than anyone and yet he was never imposing about any of his intimidating and formidable traits.

A true Taurus the bull in more ways than one, he was always generous and loyal as a friend. Clark was also great at making us all laugh with his absurd yet profound sense of humor - many expressions that are now part of our language, and that we know originally sprang forth from the simultaneously ridiculous and extremely creative mind of Clark, will be remembered forever.

His mother loved him immensely and took great care of him; and when she became ill he took great care of her. Losing his mother was the hardest thing that ever happened to him, but he knew that she would have wanted him to carry on with his music and reach out to people with his talent. Clark's friends knew many sides of him, and though at times he could be difficult, in the long haul he gave so much more to everyone as a true friend than most people ever do. Thoughtful and caring, deep and intuitive, wise and reflective - these are qualities that lived within a man who could also be a contradiction unto himself in his own behaviors. His struggles within himself somehow made him show greater concerns outward toward his friends and their well being.

Yet through all of his life, music was Clark's passion and source of strength. He knew he was put on God's Earth to make music, and when he played he brought more joy, and power, and soul than anybody. His ability to channel his emotions into his music, whether on guitar, drums or vocals, was a phenomenal example of "the real thing."  He would give it his all and push his fellow musicians to far greater heights than they could ever have imagined, and in doing so would take the audience along for the ride as they would marvel in wonder at this great man and his sparkling soul. No one who ever heard or saw Clark Huneycutt play music will ever, ever forget it. The influences that continue as part of Clark's legacy will continue to be felt forever.

Some of the many things that made Clark, and many of us, happy:

The Monkees. Elvis. Pimiento Cheese. Pongo. Sunsets. Pink Floyd. Marlboro Reds. Thousand Island dressing. New mown grass. Gilligan's Island. The Grateful Dead. Laughter. Adrienne Barbeau. Mountain Dew. Nutty Buddy. Clemmons Kitchen. Syd. Jerry. Jake. Bluegrass. Tie-dyes. Killer custom-made Warmoth guitars. Marilyn Chambers. Mu-Tron envelope filters. Irreverence. Spirituality. Loyalty. Slingerland drums. The Byrds. Albert Hoffman. The talking flute from H.R. Puffenstuff. Mike Chamis! Mike Chamis! Echoes. Julie Newmar. TV. Staying up late. Waking up early. Kids. Friends.

In 1963 Gail Young and Mickey Huneycutt produced one great ball of fire - and that fire is still burning brightly today within all of us.

Shine on, you crazy diamond!

We love you Clark.