RAGA Program - I

  • RAGA (Introductory Program)

    It has been specially designed to inspire music lovers with the soulful and therapeutic music of RAGAS.


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    • Technical Eligibility: Not Required
    • Advised for Beginner/Fresher/Corporate/Students/Professionals
    • This course is composed to inspire with the raga feel and various raga emotions, basics rules and characteristics of raga, developing the student’s understanding and raga’s philosophy and to make them play basic raga composition.
    • This course is also complementary in group sessions, infotainment sessions as Workshops in corporate to explore sufficient and standard level of information about the subject.
    • This course is a prelim preparation for sincere raga learning. It is also ideal to test and develop the student’s aptitude and adaptation for the raga genre.




    YouTube Video

    • Duration: 12 sessions (12 hours), Tenure: 1 month maximum, there will be 2 sessions/ visit
    • Free Raga Video CD
    • Standard Guitar Module Book
    • Reference Book
    • Online Tech Support

    COURSE INGREDIENTSBasics of guitar will be covered in context with the raga learning

    • Introduction about Guitar, Raga, Genres, History, Anatomy etc.
    • Video/Audio Demonstration of different styles of Music and Artists
    • Live Demonstration by Mentor on different styles
    • Holding the instrument, posture etc. and rights and wrongs of practice
    • Beginning the guitar exercises – Right hand/L.H exercises & improvisations
    • Basic and essential music theory and terminologies one should know
    • Learn to Play and understand your first few music tunes.
    • How to develop guitar expertise, a process and schedule for students.
    • Singing Practice and Rudimentary Voice Understanding
    • Essential Music Articles to Read, FAQ, Terminologies etc. Counseling and discussion about student questions
    • Student’s development in Basic Chords, Rhythms, Scales, Techniques and Compositions
    • On RAGA – Introduction about  Raga, History, Modes, basic  terminologies, compositions, scale approaches, melodic exercises etc


    • Knowledge about the basics of raga theory and scales
    • Independence and Adaptation: One can be adaptive to observe & understand the different dimensions of Ragic genre.
    • Raga composition on diversified scales and feel, minimum 10-12 raga themes with the student.
    • Understanding about basic Indian classical rhythm on Tabla. Content: A constructive content to read and study. Exercises - standard and various raga specific exercises on guitar and their improvisations.
    • Basic Music Theory knowledge will be developed at a very basic level
    • Technical Developments – Guitar Posture, Plectrum Holding, Finger dexterity, Strumming, Rhythming and a Musical perspective/understanding in both perspective of standard and raga Guitaring.

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