Open Etna Winflasher

The OpenEtna Project is an excellent rom for the LG GW620/Eve

To help automate flashing the system Tetsuo6995 wrote the Linux Flasher found here

To Help Windows users I have created the winFlasher wich you can get below or on the forum at . Feel free to give me any comments or suggestions to improve the software. I will do my best (im learning this as I go) to continue improving it.

For any support on ether flashers please post your questions on the OpenEtna Forum.

If you like this package and you have donated to Polytheus for the OpenEtna project here...
Feel free to donate any amount to me.


OpenEtna winFlasher
c 2010 guimmer

Windows Android SDK r07 and fastboot is included in the package for ease of use.

This program should only be used if taken from the forum or from Guimmers site

  • Updated the driver file. now works for the latest release of OpenEtna
  • Added a manual flash feature (just flash boot or system or wipe)
  • added a forum search box (the help button)
  • New buttons to get the latest OE release and latest Winflasher

  • Fixed the Simple oneclick backup (thanks to ecaheti)
  • Gapps now supports all versions of gapps to push via adb
  • other small changes

  • Disabled Simple backup utill I can figure out a fix (simple backup will load the Amon image)
  • Fixed error detection bug.
  • Modified flash script to support oficial 2.2 release (the dump by N2K)

  • Added one click nandroid backup (using AmonRA recovery)
  • Added G-apps install with phone reboot (gapps included in package)
  • New Icon
  • Added error detection and reduced click count to flasher
  • Cleaned up Gui and added modifyed Logo
  • Added about Page
  • Removed most of the Android SDK keeping only ADB and Fasboot files
  • other minor bug fixes...
  • Added Amon RA recovery by Zacpod launcher (visit for details on the recovery)
  • System and Boot files can now be taken from any path (file selection prompt added)
  • New Icon (I welcome any improvements for this)

  • Added Flasher installer
  • New improved gui
  • Added Logcat creator
  • Added ADB Shell launcher
  • Fixed driver for winx64

  • added modified driver for windows
  • fixed deleting temp files
  • fixed the exe bug
  • added function to delete temp img files in the tools folder (still needs more testing)
  • Added Wipe (fastboot -W) option
  • Image files can now be placed in the root folder of the app

1)Place phone in fastboot mode
2)Click simple Backup to create a nandroid backup
3)While in fastboot mode click Start flashing to install openetna images (must be downloaded)
4)While on android screen (must be in usb debug mode) click Install Gapps to complete instalation
1) Ensure that you have no previous Boot or system images in the tools folder.

Usage License:
You may NOT sell or give away any files found in this zip package without express permission.
You are free (and encouraged) to make your own revisions (please inform guimmer of changes).

If you like this package and you have donated to Polytheus for the OpenEtna here project feel free to donate any amount to me.