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M.Sc. Guilmer F. González Flores Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Departamento de Matemáticas, Cub. 028 Facultad de Ciencias - UNAM

Phone: (525) 56224928

Fax :    (525) 56224859

Email : guilmerg@yahoo.com

Email : guilmerg@gmail.com

General information

I am a graduate student working under the advice of professor Pablo Barrera Sánchez.

I got a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, completed at the National University of México (UNAM).

My current research an teaching interests include several areas, mainly on Scientific Computing, and i like to teache.

Now I am working with Pablo in some projects:

In the last years we've been working with Petroleum Enginners on a Simulator of Reservoirs in two parts: the Grid Generation problem and the Nonlinear Optimization problem.

After many years, now I working in my PhD Thesis, off course in Numerical Mesh Generation and with Pablo Barrera.

Rencently publications

A brief list of recently publications are:

Another link to see the information about my work is: Research Gate


A list of the last course are


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